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Ex-Republican Officials To Form An Anti-Trump Third Party

Around 120+ Republicans held a zoom call to discuss the formation of a center-right Anti-Trump third party.

The talk was initiated by former elected Republican officials from the administration teams of Trump, Reagan, George W Bush, George H.W Bush, along with ex-Republican Ambassadors and Republican strategists.

Ex-Republican Officials To Form An Anti-Trump Third Party

They are said to focus on principled conservatism and Constitutional adherence that were previously neglected by the former President.

Ex-Republican Officials To Form An Anti-Trump Third Party

The participants included General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security John Mitnick (Trump govt.), ex-Republican Congressman Charlie Dent, Deputy Chief of staff in the Homeland Security Department Elizabeth Neumann (Trump govt.), and former Homeland Security official Miles Taylor (Trump govt.).

The idea is to run candidates from various races but also include center-right candidates ie; Republicans, Independents, or Democrats.

Chief Policy Director for the House Republican Conference, Evan McMullin co-hosted the zoom call, as stated by Reuters.

McMullin is also said to have run for the 2016 Presidential election as an Independent.

The discussion highlighted Trump’s false claims of election fraud and the January 6th Capitol riot. While many people continue to support Trump, the majority of his party members prefer to take a new direction.

The U.S House of Representatives had previously impeached Trump on January 13th for organizing an attack at the Capitol building right before Congress was to declare Biden’s victory.

Around 5 U.S police officials were reported dead in this riot. The call participants expressed their distress at the fact that around 8 Senators and 139 House Representatives, which is more than half of Republicans in the Congress, had voted to block Biden’s certification as the new President-elect, all hours before the Capitol riot.

Whereas most Republican senators also indicate they will not be supporting Trump’s conviction in the Senate impeachment trial scheduled this week.

McMullin told Reuters that the Republican party needs to practice better ideals that call for the establishment of a new third party.

He also added that the majority of Republicans are working to threaten and work against the American Constitution, which needs to be stopped.

Trump spokesperson Jason Miller commented on the third party discussion by referring to the participants as ‘losers’ and that they had already left the Republican party by voting for Biden.

One of the representatives for the Republican National Committee highlighted their Chairperson Ronna Mcdaniel’s recent statement which says that Republicans fighting against each other will only result in losing the 2022 elections.

McMullin stated that the Republicans’ common desire for the betterment of their party is what led to the zoom call discussion and the decision to break away and form a third national party.

They were faced with two options ie; to either form a small self-operating group within the party or outside it.

Currently, the party names under consideration are Integrity Party and Center-Right Party. If a faction is decided to be formed, the name might be Center-Right Republicans.

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