Examining Consciousness Issues And Their Causes

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 27, 2022

In one of the most recent developments, researchers at the University of Belgium have initiated a new human being project. The most important objective of the research is to look at the new ways with the help of which patients can recover from a serious brain injury, including coma, and at the same point of time, differentiate between the different types of neurological illnesses so that the specific remedy for the same can be developed. This is one of the most critical aspects of neurology that has yet to be touched. 

It is probably believed that an individual cannot be in the position to recover from any illness until and unless the treatment for the same has been developed after analyzing the level of consciousness that a person enjoys at the time of brain injury. The study aims to develop all the new methods with the help of which the existing level of neurology can be enhanced, and new technology can be developed for understanding the state of mind. 

How The Study Was Conducted? 

It is important to understand that the study took a very new approach. It wanted to, first of all, mark down the networks of the brain. After marking down the networks of the brain, The functioning of these networks had to be understood, especially when the brain was under a serious brain injury. It was analyzed with the help of 500 patients that had brain surgery against the ones who did not have any. The functioning of the network inside the brain was completely different. The number and the number of networks that were operative were high in a healthy dream compared to the one who was injured. 

Examining Consciousness Issues And Their Causes

Still, it is equally important to mention that certain parts of the brain, even when injured, were operational and responding to stimuli. It did produce the signals according to which The functioning of the brain could be easily understood. All of this helped to understand that even when the brain is injured, or a person is in a state of coma, then also a level of consciousness can be detected inside the brain, and this level of consciousness can be used to develop the treatment for improving the condition of the individual over the time. 

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The success of this research

This has been one of the major achievements of Medical Science. Still, there are a lot of limitations attached to it because the technology with the help of which operative networks inside the brain can be detected is very limited and cannot be easily practiced and adopted. A single mistake in the network identification can cause the failure of the entire process and increase the existing risk to the individual. 

The scientist would also be undertaking the second leg of the research to answer the questions left unanswered for the time being. The beginning of the research has given a new ray of hope towards developing a treatment for all the neurological disorders in which the person tends to lose consciousness, and it is completely uncertain when he would gain that back. This is an essential determinative factor that must be utilized over this period. 


The availability of information has always been helpful to the scientific community to get basic results. It helps monitor the available information properly over time so that a better analysis can be generated, which makes the available information feasible to generate future results. This will define the future growth of development in this particular aspect.


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