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Excessive Use of Antibiotics May Cause Colon Cancer – Experts Warn

Excessive use of antibiotics increases the likelihood of colon cancer, a study reveals.

There may be instances when there are no alternatives for antibiotics. But researchers recommend caution when using them for minor complications. Antibiotics, if used in excess, according to researchers, may lead to colon cancer. Even then, you don’t need to fear. The likelihood is quite small. It is a slow process.

Excessive Use of Antibiotics May Cause Colon Cancer – Experts Warn

Researchers attribute this possibility to the effect antibiotics may have on gut bacteria and other good substances in the intestines.

Excessive Use of Antibiotics May Cause Colon Cancer

For the study, scientists compared data of 40,000 colon cancer patients in Sweden with a controlled group of 200,000 people who don’t have it. They also studied the data on the use of antibiotics among the two groups. They found out that use of antibiotics consistently for six months increased the likelihood of cancer up to 17% in the ascending colon.

Scientists had already discovered that their prolonged use, for more than ten years, causes colon cancer. The recent study, however, suggests that even a single course of the same produce similar results. They could not find any link between the use of antibiotics and cancer of the descending colon. In the meantime, it showed a slight increase in the likelihood of rectal cancer among men.

Following are a few other things that you can do to stay safe from colon cancer:

  1. Undergo cancer screening at regular intervals

Get screened at regular intervals for the possibility of colorectal cancer. Doing this helps you find your risk before symptoms appear. Your doctor may even be able to remove precancerous growths both in the rectum and colon. This too reduces your risk of developing the same.

  • Have lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

You should also minimize the intake of red meats and their processed variants.

  • Manage your bodyweight

Obesity, according to experts, is a recipe for a health disaster. And when it comes to risks to colon cancer, it is second only to smoking. Being overweight puts you at risk of more than 11 types of cancer.

  • Quit smoking

Smoking does not offer you any health benefits. Furthermore, it increases your likelihood of 14 types of cancers. Your colon and rectum are not exceptions. The Internet abounds in tips and tutorials to help you quit that silent killer. You may even contact 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

The amazing effect of bidding farewell to cigarettes starts within a few days.

  • Be accountable to your own body

Avoid actions that may invite cancers. Go by expert recommendations when forming and maintaining sexual partners. The less is best in this regard. You should also avoid sharing needles. Doing the same may lead to infection and may cause colon cancer and other diseases.

  • Work out at regular intervals

Do moderate exercises meant to slightly increase your heartbeat. This way, you will stay safe from numerous cancers including colon cancer. Aim at least for 30 minutes of walking. Go for high-impact activities if your body allows. The more intense, the more beneficial it is for your body.

  • Regulate your use of painkillers and other over-the-counter medications

People who rely heavily on painkillers and non-inflammatory steroids raise their risk of colon cancers, studies reveal. You may have them. But take your doctor’s advice before resorting to them. Sometimes, their risks outweigh the benefits. Let your doctor give the final word in the matter.

Taking a vitamin D supplement too lowers the risk of colon cancer. But too much of it does more harm than good. Check the vitamin D levels in your blood before opting for a supplement.

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