COVID-19 Vaccination: Expansion In Eligibility Made California Beg For Extra Doses

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 14, 2021

Since the state is struggling with not enough doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, the counties begged for more doses of the vaccine parallel to the decision of the state to add a potential 4-6 million people to the eligibility list for the sought-after doses.

following the federal government’s guidance on Wednesday, the state public officials announced that the people who are at 65 and more are aviled to get the two-dose vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccination: Expansion In Eligibility Made California Beg For Extra Doses

In Los Angeles County, the struggle is greater as it became one of the epicentres for the outbreak of the pandemic and has the highest of 10 million residents.

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Currently, the state is unable to provide the doses immediately as per the government’s declaration, since it couldn’t even inoculate those who are on the priority list, the healthcare workers. 

The Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said that only a quarter of some 800,000 had been inoculated in the state.

She added that they are done with their health care workers and they run out of the doses of the vaccine at the present to give more shots rapidly. They also didn’t get any information from the state about expanding the availability of more doses and how it would be distributed.

Presently, California is at the utmost place to have the highest number of COVID-19 cases, after last week, leaving Texas and Florida back.

Since autumn, the cases of contracts and death in COVID-19 were exploding in California, but the numbers were reduced recently.

Despite the decrease in the number of deaths and contractions in the state, it reached its peak surpassing the second and third most populous states of the country.

As of Wednesday, the state has 2,781,039 confirmed cases and 31,102 deaths of COVID-19. The death rate gained 1.9 more than the previous day in which the total number of deaths was 30,513.

The total number of newly infected cases is around 34,000. After the post-holiday surge, the state is expected to see another great elevation this month as people unsafely gather during New Year’s Eve.

By last Monday, California received 2.4 million and more doses of the vaccine. However, only a third of them have been given in shots.

The state had set a goal to distribute around 1.5 million doses by Friday. It is too low compared to the required number of doses to reach the condition of herd immunity in the state of approximately 40 million people.

On Wednesday, a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom was signed by around 50 lawmakers of the state. The letter noted the plans of the President-elect to intensely administer vaccination processes and asked the governor to increase the authorization for who could administer does to include healthcare workers, firefighters, and members of the National Guard with medical training.

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