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Experts Believe Vaccine Mandates Are Essential To Keep Children Safe

A vaccine expert believes that as children are going back to school, and the cases of Coronavirus are rising, especially among young age groups, mandating vaccines in school is the only way forward.

The National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine’s dean and a vaccinologist, Dr. Peter Hotez, while talking to Ana Cabrera of CNN, said that we’ve not seen enough vaccine mandates for teenagers so far. He added that if we are going to get children safe through this academic year mandates are going to have to happen.

Experts Believe Vaccine Mandates Are Essential To Keep Children Safe

The American Academy of Pediatrics new published data reports that COVID-19 cases have risen rampantly among kids. Since the end week of July, the cases have risen to 240%.

Experts Believe Vaccine Mandates Are Essential To Keep Children Safe

Every part of the US is experiencing impacts of the pandemic spread. Hospitals all over the country are overwhelmed, trying to cope up with the shortage of resources and staff.

Kentucky’s St. Claire Health Care’s chief medical officer, Dr. William Melahn, said that the only reason they were coping up was that they have a team of federal disaster medical assistance of 14 people. He said that they have been heroes to the facility, but unfortunately their deployment will be over on Friday. Melahn added that he’s going to lose fourteen health care professionals and he has no idea what is coming next.

Getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 is the only way of protection, but Americans under the age of 12 years are not yet eligible. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that research for vaccines for kids is undergoing. She added that by the end of this year, younger children will get vaccines.

On NBC’s Today Show, she said that they are awaiting data from the companies to be submitted to the Food and Drug Administration, and they are anticipating this in the fall.

Experts say that until vaccines are available, the only way of protecting children is practicing preventive measures like testing, masking, ventilation, and social distancing. Walensky said that these measures will have to be in place until we achieve a combination of low infection rates and high vaccination rates.

Many states are under tension following the masking and vaccination mandates. Greg Abbott, Texas Governor, has restricted anyone from mandating vaccination. Defying his orders, the Independent School District of San Antonio has mandated vaccination for their employees.

On Monday, General Ken Paxton, the attorney of the state, sued the district and Pedro Martinez, the Superintendent, over this mandate.

In a news release, Paxton said that they violated state law and defending the unlawful actions of Superintendent Martinez would be irresponsible. He said his office will oppose them if they try to use their fundings for breaking the law.

Following President Joe Biden’s move, those private businesses with more than a hundred employees must mandate vaccination in their workforce or get subjected to regular testing, Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has imposed a fine of $5,000 for anyone in Florida that mandates COVID-19 vaccines for their employees.

In a press conference, Mayor Jerry Demings said that there is no question that it’ll be a lot of money. He said that their only goal at the end of the day is to protect the collective good of people in the community, their safety. That is the only fundamental role of any government.

Several debates are still going on over the need for booster doses for COVID-19 vaccines. The Biden-led administration plans to administer booster doses as early as next week. They are awaiting approval from the FDA. Many experts still believe that a third vaccine dose is not needed.

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