Experts Are Still Looking For An Advanced Development In Silicon Valley

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 25, 2022

Technological advancements are taking place at a fast pace. Many great inventions have come up and technologists are still working on bigger developments that might take time. 

Experts Are Still Looking For An Advanced Development In Silicon Valley

Google made a great revelation to the whole world in 2019 that it had achieved greatness in the field of quantum physics, as it created a quantum computer that could calculate a problem in three minutes and 20 seconds that ordinary computers were incapable of doing in the past decades.

Experts Are Still Looking For An Advanced Development In Silicon Valley

However, the world is still on the lookout for a quantum computer that could perform something beneficial. This is sure to take time.

This does not imply that the industry has gone a step backward. The developments like home computers, Wi-Fi, etc, are proof that the industry hasn’t lost its track.  The present technological advancement that they are working on requires strenuous efforts. 

The great technologists and thinkers say that the next big thing requires time and thus, the world should wait. Jake Taylor, the chief scientist of the start-up Riverlane, has said that developing a quantum computer might be a tall order and it is an advancement that goes against the laws of nature.

A quantum computer’s mechanism is different and it is said that these systems are will get damaged if scientists attempt to decode data from them. Dr. Taylor once said that such systems can only be built by continuously working against the principles of nature.

Some of the previous technological advancements like the internet, smartphone, microchip, etc. were not challenging any laws of nature. And many of these developments have created a myriad of business opportunities.  

However, the biggest discussions in the industry at present are on the grave concerns of further developments. Technologists and scientists still do not have the right knowledge needed to create a self-driven automobile or an AI (artificial intelligence) machine just as a quantum machine. Such developments require advanced research and engineering technology to become reality. 

Over the past several decades, companies like Meta, previously Facebook, have created new software technologies using pieces of digital data. Unlike software, developing hardware and dealing with physical atoms are much more strenuous.  One of the greatest technologists, Mr. Andrew Bosworth has stated that the world has completely forgotten this fact. 

Mr.Bosworth and other brilliant technologists believe that there will be great dawn for these quantum-based advancements. They are more open to adversities and are continuously striving to make these ideas a reality. This is why silicon valley is still waiting for huge advancements.

It has long been the converging point for the world’s most ambitious, innovative, and great technologists, as well as the world’s largest, risk-taking industry. This has been the case for many decades that passed, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t continue to be so in the future.

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