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Experts Raise Efficacy Concerns On The New Vaccine

A new vaccine has been dispatched this week that seems like it will be quite a valuable one as the U.S. wants herd immunity against the COVID-19, but vaccine providers might be challenged by the questions of perception and equity that this shot is quite less effective than the vaccine of Moderna and Pfizer.

Experts Raise Efficacy Concerns On The New Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine of Johnson & Johnson’s that has received federal emergency use approval in the late last week. It has joined the candidates from Pfizer and Moderna and has become the third Covid vaccine that is publicly available to the citizens of America. It is different from Pfizer and  Moderna’s vaccines, which will be given in two doses but the vaccine of Johnson & Johnson will require only one dose. This can also be refrigerated for up to 3 months, as compared to its counterparts’ that requires a more stringent requirement of the freezer.

Experts Raise Efficacy Concerns On The New Vaccine

We will have to ensure that this dose doesn’t get labeled as a second-grade product and for the low-income communities as said by Dr. Georges Benjamin who is the executive director of this American Public Health Association.

The head of the Health Equity Task Force for the White House’s COVID-19, Dr. Marcella Nunez Smith has acknowledged the various advantages of the Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine this week, but he had pushed back from the idea that this dose would be the main option for the communities that are marginalized.

There are many clinical benefits of the Johnson & Johnson which we are talking about briefly are in the terms of its cold storage capacity. The single vaccine dose might be making it quite useful for the health care officials in the toolkit. She said as they are thinking about various things such as some pop-ups. Smith said that the distribution of this vaccine would be even across various communities in the U.S.

This might require a much more careful calculus. The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated that this new vaccine would be helping vaccinate more people who may have some difficulty or who will not be interested, to come back for a second dose. This point was echoed by health experts too who have said that this single-dose vaccine would help the CDC in vaccinating the homeless people and the people without any internet access or transportation. 

A few weeks ago, we have stated that our situation is more like being in the hurricane’s eye. Although this forecast might have improved, we might need to prepare for particularly stormy weather as said by Duchin.

This particular concern was due to the emergence of the new COVID-19 variants. Till the third of March in the King Count. There are more than 43 confirmed Covid-19 cases of this B.1.1.7 variant and a minimum of 5 cases from the B.1.351 variant.

Mainly because the Sars Covid virus which is circulating and is being predicted as the B.1.1.7 variants of the virus during this month, said Duchin.

He also acknowledged the increase in vaccinations is promising, with the county having administered the shots to at least 600,000 residents so far.

This week, as large as 75,000 of the child care workers and  K-12 educators in King County will now be qualifying for this vaccine after the approval from Gov. Jay Inslee. He has included this in the new phase of vaccination rollout of the state.

Inslee had announced that up to 65,000 vaccines would be arriving in Washington for distribution at local pharmacies for accommodating this demand among various teachers. 

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