Experts Say Blood Pressure Medication Should Be Continued During Covid-19

Researchers say that covid-19 symptoms would not get exaggerated if blood pressure medications are taken regularly by the patients. On the other hand, not taking the medications will likely cause the symptoms to deteriorate.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania studied the effect of blood pressure medications on covid-19 patients and analysed how the symptoms progressed while taking medication.

Researchers are of the opinion that many people initially thought that avoiding blood pressure medication is the best option during covid-19.

Experts Say Blood Pressure Medication Should Be Continued During Covid-19

However, researchers have found that stopping these medications can increase the risk of severe complications and it can even lead to Heart Attack and Stroke in extreme cases.

The researchers now have proper evidence to support the recommendation of using blood pressure medications even when patients are suffering from covid-19.

The study was conducted for a duration of 6 months at 20 large hospitals in several countries. All the participants were regularly using blood pressure medications before joining the hospital.

ACE inhibitors treat high blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and decreasing blood volume. This often leads to lower pressure and decreased oxygen demand from the heart. Such medication is also used to treat heart failure in many cases.

Even though it was initially assumed that ACE inhibitors might worsen covid-19 infection, researchers say that it can actually help to ease the symptoms in covid-19 patients.

The medications collectively block the renin angiotensin system and many people believe that this could increase the symptoms of covid-19.

Scientists say that patients with comorbid conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension are at high risk of getting hospitalized due to covid-19.

As it can severely affect the respiratory system, it can lead to a host of other complications within a short duration of time.

For this reason, doctors believe that it is essential to continue the regular blood pressure medications in order to avoid complications during covid-19.

People suffering from high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases are at higher risk of developing severe complications of covid-19 and discontinuing blood pressure medications can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Doctors suggest that patients should always seek medical guidance before stopping such medications during an emergency situation.

Hypertension is a major problem and close to 50% of adults in the US have this condition according to the CDC.

The problem is so severe that only about one in four patients have their condition under control. In this regard, patients having blood pressure problems are more likely to develop covid-19 complications in the long run.

On the other hand, when patients have the situation under control by using regular medication, they are less likely to need mechanical ventilation during covid-19 infection.

The blood pressure of the patient needs to be continuously monitored in this situation. If the blood pressure is not low, medication should be continued as usual as it can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke during hospitalization.

Apart from that, other complications associated with covid-19 can be avoided by regular use of blood pressure medication.

In the recent past, it was observed that people suffering from comorbid conditions are the ones who need intensive Care when they are infected with coronavirus. They are more likely to suffer from complications and the mortality rate is also high in such people.

Given this situation, people suffering from hypertension and blood pressure problems should always be careful if they are infected with covid-19.

As they fall under the high risk category, they should take enough precautions and monitor the blood pressure on a regular basis.

Before stopping blood pressure medications, patients should always consult a doctor and get proper guidance in this regard.

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