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Experts Warn Of Another Surge Of Coronavirus In The US

Fresh concerns of another wave of Covid-19 in the US have been addressed by top health officials. The experts have warned of another surge in the coronavirus in the US, should the states start to relax social distancing norms too soon!

Experts Warn Of Another Surge Of Coronavirus In The US

The cause for such fear is the variant of the virus first found in UK, which has recently made its way to the US. The latest warning has come at a time when many states like Mississippi, Iowa, Montana, Texas and North Dakota have lifted restrictions that were imposed during the pandemic, like the move to make masks compulsory in public. The states eased restrictions on the public even after experts had strictly advised against it.

Experts Warn Of Another Surge Of Coronavirus In The US

In a CNN interview, Dr. Celine Gounder emphasized that a coronavirus strain that was first found in the UK is now spreading across America with disastrous consequences. She added that the strain is understood to be increasing exponentially and spiking up, which may soon lead to another surge in the virus. 

The US Infectious Diseases specialist and epidemiologist presented data from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) which claimed that more than 3000 cases have been reported in the US pertaining to the UK strain.

These concerns were shared by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top US Infectious diseases expert, who said that although the numbers in the US were driving down recently and states are thus focusing on easing the public restrictions, the numbers could swell up again if such restrictions were to be placed without due deliberation.

Further data from the John Hopkins University showed that the number of new cases daily had dropped to fewer than 70,000, compared from the 2,40,000 cases which were being reported daily during the start of the New Year. However, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned against any complacency during this time and asserted that the country was still witnessing ‘very high ‘numbers.  

Dr. Fauci added that the current levels pf the daily new cases are ‘simply not acceptable’ as public health experts try to further flatten the curve.

It’s not just the UK variant that has got health experts out of their wits! In fact, health experts are currently monitoring four other variants which were first found in New York, California, South Africa and Brazil. 

Dr. Fauci particularly laid emphasis on the New York strain, which has been recently found to be spreading beyond the New York city metropolitan area. 

The fears were shared by Dr. Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy. He warned that the UK strain could have the potential to make the US into the ‘eye of the hurricane’. He said that the UK strain was already ‘wreaking havoc” across Europe and could soon be upon us’!

These warnings came a few days later from the time when Texas lifted the compulsory wearing of masks in public and allowed businesses to open 100% in the state, as advised by Governor Greg Abbott. This announcement came at the denial of the country’s federal health experts.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the CDC said that the country could face a fourth surge in infections if states did not pay heed to the guidelines laid down by US health experts. He further added that this could be an opportune time to curb the spread once and for all, if stated would follow the public-health recommendations.

As per the latest data from the John Hopkins University, Coronavirus has infected more than 28 million Americans and killed more than 525,000 Americans since it first started spreading.

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