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Extra Shot Of Covid-19 Vaccine Might Help Transplant Patients

A recent study has hit a point about the extra dosage of COVID-19 vaccination. The study had found a question that does an extra dosage of vaccine helps the patients in transplantations or not? And the answer may be yes, the vaccine dose might give boost protection for organ transplant recipients. 

Extra Shot Of Covid-19 Vaccine Might Help Transplant Patients

Lauran Neergaard, the senior author and a medical writer, stated that vaccinated people are celebrating the normal stage of their health, millions of people who had taken immunity boosters are on the safe side from transplant operations and cancer-related problems. Uncertain people are reacting that how lucky they are! It is a harder thing for vaccines to reverse the weak immune system to a healthy immune system.

Extra Shot Of Covid-19 Vaccine Might Help Transplant Patients

In a recent investigation on immunity booster, 30 transplant patients are safe after the surgery, but this step is assumed as an initial important step for further investigations of immune boosters that are helpful for transplant patients.

Johns Hopkins University on internal medicine of annals had reported that this method is not helpful for everyone because all the patients do not have the same type of immune system in their body. Among all the patients 24 are having no protection booster even after 2 doses of vaccination. Other 8 patients are having anti-bodies after the third shot of the vaccine. 6 patients who have minimal anti-bodies got a heavy boost from the third dosage of vaccine.

Dr. DorrySegev said that “this is very cheerful!” a surgeon from Hopkins University stated that “there are more trials and medications which are unknown and only two dosages of dis-improvement don’t prove the study” hope should be the primary factor for all surgeries.

Segev and his team worked with the national institute of health to prove their hope on vaccinations boost immunity during transplantation surgeries. The team had conducted a rigorous test and trial on the third dose of vaccination for 200 transplant patients recently.

Doctors and researchers have a strong desire for the third dose vaccine on patients that helps them in protection. Mainly for transplant patients, the suppressing drugs which are powerful for drugs prevent the rejection of patient’s transplant organs. This theory leaves them vulnerable to COVID-19. 

Researchers say that some of the patients have benefits. Hopkins and his team conducted trials and tests on 650 transplant patients. Hence, they found that 54 percent of virus antibodies are harbored after the two vaccinations of Moderna and Pfizer. These are very few in patients compared to vaccinated people who are healthy.

A recent study of a patient stated that “having rheumatoid arthritis in lupus with another kind of autoimmune disorders found the results of antibodies with 85 percent. But if immune-suppressing drugs are used by the particular patients, then dramatically it lowers the concern levels of antibodies in their immune system.

Dr. Alfred Kim in St. Louis University of Washington said that, “we all doctors inform the patients that don’t depend on the vaccine dosage that is it going to be helpful or not” because if a vaccine is worked out for one recipient there is no guarantee that it works out well for other recipients. This statement may be very sad news for all the patients.

Dr. Kim said that the hepatitis B dose is given to patients with a weak immune system. On the other note, the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will help for some immune suppresses patients which also include transplant patients.

Segev reported that for now in this pandemic world taking the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine might help the transplant patients where this study is not yet proved. But they can be survived from the coronavirus.

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