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Face Mask Detects Respiratory Viruses- How It Works?

All the researchers from Shanghai University in China have created a face mask that can alert the person about the presence of different types of bacteria and respiratory viruses. The mask is so effective that it can detect covid-19 and even the influenza virus around it. Different types of devices and aptamers have been installed along with the mask. This particularly contains RNA and DNA sequences, making it practically essential to detect different types of virus and bacteria particles along with the transistors. 

This technology has been very effective and useful for the health care staff to detect the incidence of the virus. This mask can be easily connected to your mobile phone. Whenever any virus or Bacteria is detected around the individual, the smartphone sends a notification to alert the individual to go away from that place. Even if the person has been infected with the virus, he can easily get himself treated before the virus’s mutation inside the individual’s body begins. This kind of mask is very helpful in detecting different diseases in the human body and alerting them at the right time so that a person gets the proper treatment without any risk and problems. 

Uses Of The Mask

This mask has been developed in light of the pandemic. It prevents the human body from falling weak. The mask can detect within 10 minutes any interaction with a virus. This kind of infection can also affect the person who is wearing it. The mask can detect different types of infections, and it is useful for all the countries in which these infections caused by viruses are on the rise. 

The devices installed in the mask help to detect the pigments of these with the help of ion transistors. These transistors get detected, and within 10 minutes of coming in contact with any particle, they send a notification to the connected mobile phone so that a person can get medical treatment as soon as possible. It is a perfect kind of treatment that can be used against antibodies. It is also helpful to prevent any infections from getting severe.

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Where can this mask be used?

This particular mask can be used across different types of areas. This Southern hemisphere is currently facing a rise in infection, and that is why they have contacted the research Institution of China to supply more units of these masks. It is one of the most important concepts that must be considered at every point in time. 

This mask is the best type of innovation that has been specifically developed keeping in mind the needs of the individuals. It helps prevent any problem from getting severe. In such a situation, an individual must depend upon these masks to easily realize if he has come in contact with any infection. It has reduced the dependence upon testing facilities and provided an advantage of giving the results immediately before it is too late. It is technically the need of the hour and helps monitor the results over time. 


It has to be concluded that this is one of the most effective ways with the help of which the infections caused by bacteria and viruses could be prevented easily. All of this has been able to provide a system to the medical teams so that the time taken for testing can be reduced and the ultimate benefit which can be provided to the human body can be achieved. It is only in light of all of these factors that the demand for these kinds of medical innovations is increasing over time.


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