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Facebook Places An Embargo On Vaccine Misinformation

One of the greatest social networking sites, Facebook will strictly ban posts that give any misinformation regarding COVID-19 vaccines. 

Facebook also bans other baseless claims to be posted on the wall besides entirely restricting any misinformation connected to vaccines or vaccine distributions.

Facebook Places An Embargo On Vaccine Misinformation

Whereas, it encourages posts that provide genuine and useful information on vaccines or the vaccination campaigns including the schedule, and how to get allotted to receive the available shot.

Facebook Places An Embargo On Vaccine Misinformation

On Monday, Facebook published a blog post in which the company brought in some changes in their policies. The company said that these changes are necessary and part of the largest worldwide campaign in promoting information that is authoritative regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

According to the head of health in Facebook, Kang-Xing Jin, the company has been helping authorities to reach billions of people with accurate information and supported the efforts for economic and health reliefs since the pandemic had begun in late 2019. He added that but still, there are yet more to cover.

In 2021 the company is focusing on giving a hand to the health leaders and public officials in their efforts to immunize billions against the coronavirus.

Over the years, Facebook got listed as the top influential social media platform among its gigantic number of users all around the world including the U.S. Apparently, social media podiums like Facebook can influence a great number of people.

Hence it is clear that any misinformation can be deceptive and make people deviate from the idea to immunize themselves. 

The recent effort by the company in the ban is made after having a deeper consultation with the great health authorities like the World Health Organization.

The company also elevated the reputable information from organizations including the United Nations and several other health ministries. 

Even if Facebook executes the ban, it will not be enough to put an end to the spread of vaccine information widely. Changing and enforcing rules are not similar.

Facebook had already brought rules banning misinformation specifically about the vaccines earlier, but a lot of images that contained false claims that the vaccine can bring harmful side effects were still able to go viral on the platform. Though such images were removed by Facebook itself, it received more than thousands of likes already.

The new changes brought by the company on Monday is crucial as CEO Mark Zuckerburg has often defended the principles of free expression. Presently he said that the company would be giving a specific focus to pages, groups, and accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

The company would detect if any of these had shared or posted any misleading information or propaganda and remove them entirely. 

Additionally, to reduce the prominence of contents related to the same, the platform would also adjust search algorithms. 

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