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Faith Leaders Now Refuse To Endorse Vaccine-Exemptions

Are you planning to get a COVID 19 vaccine-exemption letter from your spiritual leader? If yes, then you have sad news awaiting you as no one is going to help you out. More and more employers are imposing vaccine mandates. And Americans are seeking exemption from vaccine requirements in large numbers to avoid it.

Faith Leaders Now Refuse To Endorse Vaccine-Exemptions

Faith leaders, however, say “no” to the endorsement of such requests. Last Thursday, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America said that people may request exemption from vaccine requirements for medical reasons. But the diocese does not endorse any religious exemption from vaccines for its followers.

Faith Leaders Now Refuse To Endorse Vaccine-Exemptions

The congregation comprises a large portion of American Orthodox people. The diocese’s synod exhorted the faithful to listen to health officials. They also appealed to them not to give ear to misconceptions. No clergy will issue such exemption letters. Any such endorsement in the name of the diocese is invalid, it said.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in the country too released a similar statement. They too exhorted the faithful to get vaccinated. According to them, there is no tradition that discourages scientifically proven precautions. The Roman Catholic Church too had the same thing to say.

Its officials said that if a priest endorses any exemption from vaccination, he is acting against the statements the Pope has issued. The church also said that it is the responsibility of the faithful to receive their shots against COVID 19. Catholics can receive the vaccination without any feeling of guilt. There are no other alternatives for vaccines and their aim is to end suffering.

Catholic dioceses generally don’t allow even a distant connection with research on abortion. Still, many among them have adopted a vaccine-favorable approach.

Certain bishops have even issued vaccine mandates for their employees. But certain dioceses are adopting a lenient approach to vaccine exemption. One bishop said that priests can sign a vaccine-exemption request. They have even released a template online for the purpose.

According to them, the faithful can say that vaccines go against their catholic faith. According to them, vaccine manufacturers use fetal cells to test their vaccines. On the contrary, vaccines don’t contain any such thing. Both private and public employers are issuing vaccine mandates. And this is one of the most heated debates in the country.

Today, a letter endorsed by a spiritual leader is not a must to request exemption from vaccination. Authorities have asked employers to allow exemptions that appear reasonable. Even then an endorsement from a spiritual leader will add credibility to the controversial concept; sincerely held belief.

A southern Baptist megachurch too has come forward to endorse vaccine mandate. Its pastor said that the church is not offering any endorsement for exemption from vaccination. There is no reliable evidence for such things. Those who have reservations on the basis of using fetal cells for testing should also avoid the medicines like Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, and Ibuprofen.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints too has announced that its clergymen don’t offer vaccine-exemption letters to the faithful. Certain church leaders are even sending requests to the faithful to get vaccinated. According to them, this is a personal choice.

Brigham Young University, in the meantime, is asking students to inform their status of vaccination. But the same is not a requirement there. The church also expects its missionaries working abroad to get vaccinated.

Certain churches like Orthodox Union are asking the faithful to get inoculated. But they have not published any official statement in this regard.

The Fiqh Council of North America, a group of Islamic scholars has asked its followers to receive their shots against COVID 19. Some are even asking people to stay safe from unreliable and unscientific news or debates.

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