Falcon Drone Reviews – Is This The Drone You Were Waiting For?

John Furrier | Last Updated : December 14, 2022

Falcon Mini Air Drone is the latest trend in the market and is gaining a tremendous audience score. You may be curious to know what makes this device exceptional compared to the sheer range of drones. To understand more about this small foldable drone, check out this Falcon Drone review that examines each aspect of this new device that helps you finalize whether it is worth the money you invest or not. 

Numerous Falcon Drone reviews are popping up over the internet in a blink of an eye. The bulk availability of reviews makes your head spin with misleading information. As reviewing a device at its first glance is not the right track to keep going, reading a review detailing all aspects of the device helps you make an informed decision. Analyzing a device’s characteristics plays a crucial role in judging its trustworthiness. 

Falcon Drone Reviews – Can This Drone Capture High-Quality Videos Regardless Of Wind Gusts?

This Falcon Drone review is a complete solution to all your concerns and queries about this aerial drone. Here we will discuss how it works, its features, pros and cons, benefits, customer reviews, and much more. So keep reading and try not to skip any sections to know whether the device is worth the money you invest.  

Falcon Drone Review
Device NameFalcon Drone
Designed ToGet stable and high-quality videos and photos
Shot speedVideo in 4k at 120 frames per second
Photos up to 12 megapixels
Specifications🔹APP Control
🔹Altitude Holding
🔹Gravity sensor
🔹Wi-Fi connectivity
🔹Longer Battery Life
🔹3D Flip Function
Panoramic images RangeOver 3,000 feet
Key Features🔺4k camera
🔺Maneuverability capabilities
🔺Automatic self-stabilization
🔺Slo-mo mode
🔺Unmatched speed
Speed19 meters per second with a transmission distance of 4km
Battery Capacity500mHh Battery
Mode of OperationRemote control
Multi SetsAvailable
Purchase Including⚡️1 x Transmitter/Controller
⚡️1 x Rechargeable Drone Battery
⚡️User Manual
⚡️Charging cables with 2 and 3 sets
Money Back Guarantee30 Days
Multi boxesAvailable in 1 Box, 2 Boxes & 3 Boxes (Buy 3 Get 1 Free)
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official websiteClick Here

What is Falcon Drone?

Falcon Drone is an innovative compact device with industry-leading features. This lightweight camera drone equally suits beginners and experts in all age groups. The highly-impressive build quality, design, and working mechanism allow you to capture every precious moment in your life. This engineering masterpiece helps ensure that you never miss any adventures.

Packed with a wide range of features, Falcon Drone offers you endless exploration. The long battery life, stable video, and fantastic picture quality are some of the top-notch features of the Falcon Mini Air Drone. This superior durable device needs no expert to operate as it is that easy to use and handle.

Maneuverability capabilities deliver cinematic grade professional photography and videos that make you explore endless possibilities. This incredible piece of technology makes sure that you are satisfied with the decent flight time of the Falcon Drone quadcopter.

Falcon Drone Design and Features

Falcon Drone camera comes with a sleek design made of highly durable material. So, you can expect exceptional built quality. This foldable drone comes with a handful of efficient features that are distinctive.

The drone comes with modern specifications So, let’s take a look at the excellent features of the Falcon Mini Air Drone to get a clear picture of what it holds to offer you. 

🟢Highly foldable: This drone has highly foldable and flexible blades that make this aerial device easy to fold. This small, lightweight drone demands less space in your backpack and is a perfect travel mate. 

🟢High-definition photos and videos: This drone that works on the latest technology allows you to record 4k shots and videos. You can record videos at  120 frames per second and can take a snap of up to 12 megapixels. So, no more compromise in taking quality pictures.

🟢Enhanced flying time: Longer battery life ensures a long-lasting usage of Falcon Drone. The increased battery capacity never makes you disappointed in taking videos, even when the battery is about to drain. You can record a video of 15 minutes right before your drone’s battery needs charging.

🟢Efficient gravity sensor: The included altitude holding feature and the electronic image stabilization makes this device an ideal choice for beginners to become an expert in taking professional-grade videos and shots from its very first usage.

🟢Exceptional slo-mo mode: This game-changing feature allows you to capture footage of objects in motion in detail with all its perfection. This feature delivers a wide range of unlimited potential to the videos you capture through the Falcon Drone camera. 

🟢Panorama Mode: The panorama mode in Falcon Mini Air Drone gives you an all-new experience in taking stunning panoramic shots. You can now take amazing photos from unique perspectives that you have never tried before. The panorama mode used at vantage points gives you a new definition for your photography.

Falcon Drone Features

How does Falcon Drone work?

Falcon Drone camera works efficiently to deliver an ever-memorable experience for you in capturing photos and videos. This precision-engineered drone works in simple steps with no difficulties in understanding by everyone. 

This pre-programmed drone makes using this device much easier for the user with a handy remote controller. You only need to pre-set the programs upon your capturing requirements and operate this areal device. Falcon Drone with safety measures makes the device easy to bend, maintains the curves while flying, and help in a safe landing.

The gravity sensor and GPS module direct the drone, making it efficient in finding the proper space you need to cover. The One Key Return feature assists the drone in finding its way back to the take-off point. A wireless connection to your phone is also possible, which allows you to capture every single vision in detail. 

Falcon Mini Air Drone holds an accelerometer to feed the captured data instantly. The built-in 360-degree 4k camera records a wide area without forming any obstacles in recording videos and taking pics. According to Falcon Drone reviews, the unique follow me feature keeps the drone on the same path the user follows. This feature helps the user to capture personalized photos and videos without the help of a third person. Fully loaded with pre-programmed features, Falcon Drone works productively.

Falcon Drone Lightweight Camera

Perks of using Falcon Drone Lightweight Camera

The positive Falcon Drone reviews state how beneficial using this drone is. Here are the main benefits you can expect from using Falcon Drone:

Optimized video and still capturing: The impressive features of this drone help you capture videos and stills in an optimized manner that can save later for creating memories.

Professional photography: The included panoramic video and 4k slow motion make you a pro in capturing professional photography and high-quality videos. Even a beginner can be an expert in no time using a Falcon Drone camera.

High security and safety: This highly compact drone covers a larger space than your expectation. This drone act as a third eye in rescue operations.  

Perfect fit for your travels: The foldable structure and compact design make this drone an excellent partner in your travels. It can easily get carried in your bags as they demand only less space to fit in. 

Help shoot faster: The lightweight drone can fly at a speed of 19 meters per second, which is much higher comparing other drones on the market. It even flies high up to a transmission distance of 4 km.

Falcon Drone Pros and Cons

In this section, let us discuss the positives and negatives of using a Falcon Drone camera. Taking a quick look at this will help you know about this drone.


  • Highly durable with the strong built quality
  • The perfect drone for everyone above ten years.
  • Highly compatible and lightweight 
  • Easy to operate with no challenging steps to follow
  • Backed by a  3-years warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The long-lasting battery of 500 MHz
  • APP control
  • 4k recording


  • Falcon Drone can only be purchased through the official website.
  • Only a few pieces are available due to high product demand.

Why Should You Acquire Falcon Drone?

Falcon Drone is an areal drone manufactured following the current technology.  It is engineered and designed to overcome the shortcomings of the available drone models on the market. Well-packed with incredible features, Falcon Mini Air Drone is available at a highly affordable rate.

The Falcon Drone device is made in the United States, following all industry-level standards. So, the quality and durability can rest assured using Falcon Mini Air Drone. Impressive features with a three-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee highlight the better side of using  Falcon Drone. 

Falcon Drone Customer Reviews

Falcon Drone reviews from real customers: Any complaints?

Below shown are the legit customer reviews of Falcon Drone I have collected from authentic tech forums.

Where to buy Falcon Drone at the best price?

The package options and their respective price of  Falcon Mini Air Drone as per the official website are given below. Have a look at it if you are planning to make a purchase.

  • Great deal: Buy 1  Falcon Drone at $99
  • Amazing deal: Buy 3 Falcon Drones + get 1 free at $241
  • Most popular deal: Buy 2 Falcon Drones at $149

Falcon Drone camera is only available on the official website. This is because of the increase in the number of replicas in the market. The higher demand for the device increased the production of replicas. This made many customers fall for the replicas of no use.

To safeguard your purchase and ensure your product’s trustworthiness, the manufacturer opted official platform as the only means to place an order. No retailers or eCommerce websites are selling this device. 

Final Words on Falcon Drone Reviews

Investigating the available information from legit sources and keenly analyzing the aspects, the Falcon Drone quadcopter seems to be an ideal device that helps you capture photos and videos with the utmost quality. A wide variety of features in a highly affordable price range makes this device a perfect option for everyone. To date, more than thousands of customers have already used this device and shared positive feedback with no downsides. So, the performance seems to be flawless, and the features are well gratifying. 

Falcon Drone is made using highly durable material that lasts long. The device is easy to fold, set up, and use. No expert-level knowledge is required to operate this drone. The top features include panorama mode, gravity sensor, slo-mo mode, longer battery life, 4k camera, and trajectory flight. All these features deliver an unforgettable experience using the Falcon Drone camera.

The majority of the Falcon Drone reviews are seen as positive. Falcon Drone is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. The three-year warranty even ensures that the price you invest with Falcon Drone is in safe hands. Considering all these points, Falcon Mini Air Drone seems to be an authentic device that is worth trying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Falcon Drone camera comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Yes. You can use this drone in any weather condition as it can perform well in any weather without fail.

Falcon Mini Air Drone is only available on the official website.

Children below ten years need expert guidance from elderly people. 

For the included wide variety of features, Falcon Drone is highly affordable compared to other drones in the market. 


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