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Falling Covid-19 Numbers Comforting But Maintain Vigil – Experts Warn

While falling Covid-19 numbers in the United States had come as a welcome relief after a year of suffering, experts warn that Americans could not afford to drop guard just yet with the thousands of deaths expected in the coming months.

According to Dr Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, he thought the virus would fool the people.

Falling Covid-19 Numbers Comforting But Maintain Vigil – Experts Warn

He said Thursday that he thought what was going to happen was one would see that as the US entered the summer months, numbers would go down, and people would think they were good.

Falling Covid-19 Numbers Comforting But Maintain Vigil - Experts Warn

He added, and then if the US did not get to what he thought would be at least 80% population immunity from natural infection or immunization, there would be a surge again with the winter. 

The last seven days had seen the US average 56,240 new cases per day — the lowest it had seen since mid-October, along with a daily death toll of 1437, which came as the lowest seen in the US since November 19th.

Meanwhile, a projection from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation had estimated about 23,000 more deaths from the virus by April if policies stayed in place as they were now.

Many states, though, had started relaxing measures, including mask mandates. Considering fewer masks coupled with more people moving around with more transmissible variants, IHME upped its Covid-19 death projections by July 1st by 22,000 people.

The IHME had predicted 600,000 Covid-19 deaths by July 1st, which came in higher from the current number of around 530,000 recorded fatalities.

According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky, who was speaking in an NBC Nightly News interview, the trajectory of the pandemic could be impacted by the next US move.

She added April and March were just such important, critical times. On the one hand, she added one had this hyper-transmissible virus that could trigger another surge following spring break.

On the other hand, vaccinations were being scaled up rapidly and what one really wanted to do was let the vaccines get a fighting chance to overcome and not to prevent the virus from surging again.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the CDC, in the new guidelines it released, continued to maintain recommendations against travel for such people for those that had been vaccinated on Monday.

The guidelines had been questioned for being too strict. 

Walensky said in the interview that one needed to be humble with the virus. Every time it felt like the virus was under control, she added an enormous surge could be seen.

She added that with more people getting vaccinated and falling case numbers, the CDC might revise its guidance.

CDC data showed that following the shutdown across much of the US due to the virus, over 98 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines had been administered in the US. The data was published Thursday.

The US had vaccinated 33.9 million, which meant 33.9 million people fully vaccinated. Also, over 64 million or close to 1 in 5 people had received one dose. 

President Joe Biden promised in an address Thursday that vaccine appointments would open to all US adults by May 1st, and the US could be celebrating its independence from the pandemic by July 4th.

According to Dr. Jonathan Reiner, who spoke to CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday, if July 4th came around and one’s family and one’s neighbors down the street had been vaccinated, one could absolutely have a barbecue get-together.

He added getting shots in the arm was not just about vaccination; it was also about getting people back in offices, movie theaters, ballparks, and airplanes.

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