Fantasy Football Injury Updates- Latest Report

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 14, 2022

Fantasy football has fascinated a lot of players over time. If you are into making the team in fantasy football, then updating yourself about the list of the players who are playing and not playing on account of injuries is important.

List Of Updates

The NFL season has just begun, and the cases of injuries have started appearing at the forefront. Week 2 is now gearing up for renewed team formations based on the injury updates from Week 1.

Fantasy Football Injury Update

The list of important updates has been given in the following way. 

Team: Arizona Cardinals

The following members and players have been separated because of injuries so far. 

Apart from them, there are four other players whose status in the game is still questionable and is yet to be decided upon. Jalen, Watt, Mullen, and Justin are included in this category. They have only played a single match in Week 1. They are suffering from toe, neck, and calf injuries for the time being. The team coach has decided to remain silent on the question of including them in week 2 for the time being. 

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Damien has been given out of week 2 because he suffers from a rib injury, and he will not be in a position to play anytime soon. His team was a major loss as he was a strategic player. 

Team: Baltimore Ravens

The status of different team members concerning the upcoming performance in Week 2 is uncertain. No player has been ruled out completely yet. But the status of some of the most important players remains questionable and doubtful. For instance, Dobbins, Travis, and Marcus suffer from knee injuries, and nothing can be said concerning their participation in the upcoming week. James and Marlon have withstood groin injuries. 

Their participation is also questionable, and no concrete information is available in this respect. Ronnie has been suffering from an ankle injury, but it is doubtful whether a decision about his final position will be taken. In a recent interview, the team coach enumerated that it would be too early to decide on next week’s team configuration. 

Team: Buffalo Bills

Players like Tommy, Ed Oliver, Tim, and Dane have also encountered different injuries to the foot and knee, including angle and calf. The team coach has declared the status unspecified because it cannot be said with fertility for the time being. Even the players have decided to maintain silence until the coach’s time and official communication comes. 

Team: Carolina Panthers

Different players have different statuses. Frankie and Taylor have been classified in the unspecified category. At the same time, Shi and Brandon are held under doubtful and questionable conduct for the time being, respectively. Specific injuries have been incurred around the shoulder area and the hip area. 

The doctors have not advised these players to return to the field anytime before 3 weeks. The coach is also skeptical about the decision of the team members. Proper formation of the team is also essential in order to put up a tough fight against the different teams that are scheduled to be fought against in the upcoming week. 

Team: Chicago Bears

The status of all the team members is doubtful. Some members have even faced personal injuries, and it is not certain when they will make a comeback. 

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On account of the factors mentioned above, it will be vital to take note of other teams as well so that proper team formations on fantasy football platforms occur. The development of a proper team is essential for winning. It is one of the most important concerns which must be taken into consideration at almost every point in time.

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