Fatigue From Covid – Depends On Whether One Is Vaxxed Or Not?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 19, 2022

Most people who are completely vaccinated, maintain social distancing, and wear masks all the time think that they are safe from the virus. Some people are indeed taking the pandemic seriously and doing everything in their hands to not get infected. The term that the US government has coined for such people is ‘vaxxed and done’. 

Fatigue From Covid – Depends On Whether One Is Vaxxed Or Not?

This bunch of individuals is also ready to get boosted if there is a need but these people also want to reap the benefits of maintaining all the protocols to which the unmasked members are not entitled.

Fatigue From Covid – Depends On Whether One Is Vaxxed Or Not?

Derek Thompson, who wrote Atlantic, has said that such individuals are treating the Covid-19 virus as a seasonal flu virus. 

Many people have recently developed the mindset, and are of the opinion that the Coronavirus infection cannot hit them. According to recent reports released by public mental and health professionals, have stated it Is a real phenomenon. Some people are also getting frustrated. 

Many people of this category are also wary of people who are not getting vaxxed. It is believed that such people blame such people for the infection surges. Some people also feel let down by the government. It is affecting all those, who have become infected with the latest variant called, Omicron. 

The pandemic does not seem to end, and it is taking its own course. Those who trusted the bulletins released by the government are more frustrated than anybody else. Many people are undergoing what is called pandemic fatigue. In the past, the government has promised that Covid-safety behaviors will aid in dodging the virus. However, that does not seem to be the case, as we are standing in the third year of the pandemic. 

Even after multiple lockdowns, Americans are bearing the brunt of the virus in a massive manner. There are people who follow all the rules, like being masked and have also got all the vaccine doses, only to be told that they still need to take more precautionary measures to protect all those who are not vaccinated. 

Now, the latest news is that, in spite of getting ‘vaxxed’, many are falling prey to the new variant Omicron that started circulating from South Africa in November. Just when people are accepting the new normal, again things change. So, what health officials and mental health professionals feel, is that people are getting weary of the virus. 

Many people are of the opinion that they simply have to fight it now on their own. If someone gets Omicron, the said individual says to himself or the family not to get panicky and that this too shall pass. Many people who have taken all doses of the vaccine are still not letting their guard down. However, many people are seriously evaluating what they are going to do with their lives now. 

The best thing or thought process to take up, that this will continue for years to come. There is no certainty for sure. The authorities believe being masked will help all the healthcare professionals who are caring for the sick in healthcare facilities and hospitals. More than two dozen hospitals are overwhelmed with more and more patients with Omicron, walking in. Many believe that the surge is creating a lot of pressure on those who want to get to the hospitals for emergency surgeries or planned ones. 

Masking is being stressed upon, as it seems to be the only way to protect the vulnerable. The South African researchers and ones from Britain are of the opinion, that the surge might go down in a month. Then mask mandates may be lifted. However, another variant could be on its way by then. 

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