Fauci Says COVID-19 Data Are Real, Disputing Trump’s Claims Of Fake Reports

The nation’s top expert in infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, repeated his warnings on Sunday that the pacing rates of infections and deaths can only be controlled by strictly following the public health recommendation until vaccines would be widely available in the country.

He also disputes President Donald Trump’s recent effort to understate the impact of the COVID-19 in the nation. 

Fauci Says COVID-19 Data Are Real, Disputing Trump’s Claims Of Fake Reports

According to Fauci, last year, the spread of the virus was curbed as a result of mitigations like wearing masks, closing businesses and offices, and restrictions in gathering. However, the condition is reversed now with overwhelmed hospitals.

He indicates what led to the continual spread as holiday travels combined with colder temperatures driving people indoors and tediously following the measures of social distancing.   

Both Fauci and Surgeon General. Dr.Jerome Adams disagreed with the tweet of Trump on Sunday morning which alleged without evidence that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made up the far exaggerated data of COVID-19.

The president remarked the CDC’s reports as fake and falsely accused their methodology that they mark doubtful cases related to COVID-19. The guidance of the CDC shows that the local certifiers figure out the cause of death and if it did not contribute to the deceased, COVID-19 should not be shown on the certificate. 

Fauci said that the reports on deaths are real. Penetrating the current conditions in the hospitals would show what the health workers are undergoing.

They are dealing with stressful situations in many areas of the country. People are running out of beds in hospitals and the hospital beds are stretched. The hospitals are short with trained personnel since they are also fatigued. 

On the same day, Johns Hopkins University reported after Fauci that the nation has more than 350,000 COVID related deaths.

This is something unexpected, according to Fauci and he continued that the current condition is really terrible and the ingredients like the inconsistent adhering to mitigation efforts and the travels in holidays are the reasons which lead to this. 

He added that there is no way out from the total number of deaths, but we absolutely have to understand the challenging situations and turn the spread of the virus down.

A uniform and very intensive adherence to public health measures without any exceptions would only save the country.

In another tweet, Trump said that he is not given any credits for his work, yet Fauci works for him and his administration. 

According to the reports from John Hopkins, in America, more than 20 million people got infected with COVID-19 despite making up about 4% of the world’s population, the U.S accounts for roughly 24% of all global cases.

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