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According To Fauci, US’s Covid-19 Endgame Should Look Like This

Experts and government officials are trying to contain the Covid-19 epidemic, which has spread to more than 75 million susceptible Americans who have not been vaccinated, hospitals in many areas that are overburdened, and concerns that the number of cases may increase the autumn. In an interview with Axios, Fauci said that controlling the virus is indeed the “endgame” in the pandemic’s fight. Ideally, the United States would reduce the number of cases to as few as feasible, but a realistic objective would be to reduce the number of cases to less than 10,000 each day, he added.

According To Fauci, US’s Covid-19 Endgame Should Look Like This

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, approximately 11,000 new cases per day were reported in the United States between June and July. This was before the spike in infections caused by the more communicable Delta strain. On Thursday, President Joe Biden presented a proposal that would impose strict new vaccination restrictions on government employees, big businesses, and healthcare professionals, measures that might apply to as many as 100 million Americans if the plan is implemented.

According To Fauci, US's Covid-19 Endgame Should Look Like This

Furthermore, several experts pressed for more

However, several Republican governors, particularly those from areas with high hospitalization rates and low immunization rates, have expressed opposition to the approach. Some have even said that they want to take the matter to court. Vaccination is the most effective weapon we have to fight the pandemic. Still, imposing heavy-handed regulations is the incorrect strategy, “Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee made the announcement through Twitter on Thursday. The Dean, Dr. AshishJha, cautioned that even if both vaccine and mitigating measures are implemented, the ultimate goal may not be the full eradication of the disease.

What the United States is doing to combat the virus

Changes to the Covid-19 response will take effect on Friday, when the maximum punishment for failing to comply with the federal mandate to wear a face mask when flying will increase to a range of $500-$3,000, down from a range of $250-$1,500 now in effect.

As part of its efforts to assist Covid-19 patients who are being affected by the Delta variant surge, the United States would expand the availability of novel therapies, including monoclonal, Biden said. According to him, the therapies “have been proven to decrease the risk of hospitalization by up to 70% in unvaccinated individuals,” according to research. Also, on Thursday, the New York Police Department stated that any person who does not get vaccinated or who does not show evidence of a recent negative Covid test would be denied access to the job and will not be compensated.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has also previously said that all new employees for any New York City agency would be required to be completely vaccinated. According to Jeff Zients, Covid-19 response coordinator at the White House, allowing employees to choose between vaccination and weekly testing would certainly result in an increase in immunization. “Most people find it inconvenient to get their blood drawn once a week. Data on children’s vaccinations is anticipated to be released in the autumn.

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