FDA Decreases The Period For Booster Shots Of Moderna Vaccine 

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 13, 2022

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the main body in approving the drugs whenever it comes to patent. It ensures the security and protection of the world by carefully assessing the drug before it has been put into the process.

FDA Decreases The Period For Booster Shots Of Moderna Vaccine 

The covid vaccine is not exceptional in FDA approval, but this is done with utmost care and attention because of the severity of the Covid. Drugs found in any part of the world should get FDA approval. 

FDA Decreases The Period For Booster Shots Of Moderna Vaccine 

The number of Covid cases in the US has been increasing for the past weeks, and the new variant, just as predicted, did its job in affecting more people. Omicron cases have been at a rising level since they were found and are mainly affecting younger people.

This new variant is highly transmissible and spreads rapidly. The rise in cases brought out the immediate necessity to get vaccinated with an additional dose. The FDA has also permitted the use of additional doses and has been setting the guidelines as to when should one get vaccinated with an extra dose after the second dose. 

One of the vaccines used in the US is Moderna which contains larger doses than any other vaccine. It has been used for adults and it decreases the risk of infection and hospitalization compared to others. 

The FDA had given six months as the waiting period for getting booster shots of the Moderna vaccine before. But now, it has cut down the period to five months after the second dose. The increasing rate of Covid cases and Omicron was found as a reason for this compression of the waiting period. 

Since the booster shots have come into the picture, the leading vaccine manufacturing companies are making them available for all people.

The main point to be noted is that the Moderna vaccine at present only has authorization for adults. 

The need for the fourth dose can also be raised, keeping into account the spread of the Omicron virus and other new variants which may arise in the future. 

Key Background 

The need to get vaccinated with booster shots is because the two doses do not provide abundant protection against the Omicron virus. Booster shots along with the double dose can fight against the virus more vigorously. Omicron spreading is a threatening one, and the body needs to be prepared enough to face its effects. 

Any other solution than vaccinating with booster shots could not provide a fruitful result in such a short period. The Discovery of a new vaccine could take time and preventing Omicron spreading could also be a difficult one if at all the vaccine is not in the picture. 

Decreasing the period between double dose and booster shots can help in reducing the shrinking immunity and the study also shows that it can be 75% effective in preventing infection. 

Two main objectives of vaccinating booster shots are 

  • The immunity should not diminish amidst the new variant virus. 
  • Earlier it is done, the risk of infection could be reduced. 

The Moderna vaccine is slightly more effective in preventing hospitalization and death than the Pfizer vaccine, and this may be a reason that the earlier it is injected, the better it is against the Omicron variant.

Considering the situation of pandemics and the rise in cases, the vaccine is the only weapon the world could use to fight against the Covid virus. Vaccinating with booster shots helps in building the immunity much more effective against fighting the virus, and it is to be done as soon as possible because the Omicron virus is spreading rapidly.

Vaccinating with booster shots much earlier could actually prevent the hospital from being filled with patients and lessen the severity of the infection.

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