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FDA Lifts The Intermittent Halt On J&J Covid Vaccine Across The USA, Usage Set To Renew

The 11-day halt owing to the rare blood clotting disorders that clouded the future of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine shot is set to come to an end. The vaccine will be opened up yet again for public usage.

FDA Lifts The Intermittent Halt On J&J Covid Vaccine Across The USA, Usage Set To Renew

This decision was enforced by the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This was much after the pros far outweighed the cons keeping it out of reach of the general public. The J&J vaccine has so far been administered to 8 million people out of which 15 have showcased symptoms while 3 have died. 

FDA Lifts The Intermittent Halt On J&J Covid Vaccine Across The USA, Usage Set To Renew

A joint news conference by the two agencies this Friday evening confirmed the resumption of the circulation of the J&J vaccine. The agencies have corroborated similar statements regarding the efficacy of the J&J vaccine. There have been predictions which pitches the efficacies to be much higher than the potential risks amongst individuals 18 years & older. This is as stated by the FDA’s acting commissioner, Dr. Janet Woodcock.  

The director at the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Dr. Peter Marks said that the J&J vaccine will be readily available starting tomorrow morning. 

There will be an information sheet handed over to the recipients of the shot that will brief them about the clotting symptoms and conditions to watch out for. Detailed information will also state about the necessitated treatment for managing the same. 

The underlying symptoms include a series of blood clots in unprecedented locations right from the brain to the abdomen as well as lower levels of platelet counts. One that aids in healing. This has further been labeled as thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome or shortly TTS. 

These side effects mostly hit women under the age bracket of 50 and come to the fore from six to fourteen days after administration of the vaccine. These unusual side effects have not been found amongst the other authorized vaccines for use across the US. These being Moderna & Pfizer-BioNTech which has so far been administered to 130 million Americans. 

A CDC advisory committee had voted for the resumption of the circulation of the vaccine citing the same as an adverse event. One that needs awareness to be raised. The recommendation was sanctioned and supported by Dr. Grace Lee, a pediatrician at the Stanford University School of Medicine. 

Dr. Henry Bernstein, a panelist, and pediatrician at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York laid stress on the justification for the pause. One that was initiated owing to the rising safety concerns, but keeping the same aside, it was time to resume the usage of the vaccine. 

Bernstein was quick to quip how the pause had drawn the attention of the public towards the safety surveillance system mechanism. This proves the efficacy and safety of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. A step that is of paramount importance since this is about mass vaccination amidst a pandemic that is still raging strong. 

The adverse effects of the J&J vaccine have been counted amongst 15 individuals out of the 7.89 million doses that have been administered as reported by the CDC staff. 

A CDC analysis corroborates that the resumption of the usage of the J&J vaccine across the U.S. will have its benefits. One that would prevent close to 1435 death counts and 2236 admissions to the intensive care units of the hospitals from Covid-19. Some reports even state the administration of the J&J vaccine could also lead to 24 cases of TTS. 

Another analysis by CDC confirmed three out of the fifteen patients have died. This accounts for 20% of the total diagnosed cases of TTS. Overall, the J&J vaccine benefits are still going to outweigh the rare side effects that very few might encounter upon administering.

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