FDA Says People Need Both Doses Of Covid Vaccines

The FDA has recently announced that anyone who receives the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine must get two full doses of the vaccine.

Some countries are making arrangements to postpone the administration of the second dose in order to vaccinate more numbers of people with the available vaccines.

However, the FDA has dismissed such ideas and said that people who are speculating about the possibility of adjusting with one dose or extending the second dose are misinterpreting the data.

FDA Says People Need Both Doses Of Covid Vaccines

The FDA issued a statement that they are following the discussions and news reports about reducing the number of doses and extending the duration between both doses.

The health experts said that even though such questions are reasonable to consider and evaluate in clinical trials, they are not going to experiment with the authorized dosing for the schedules of the existing vaccines.

They added that without getting appropriate data to support such changes in the vaccine administration process, the FDA is not willing to take the risk at this moment.

Operation Warp Speed’s top advisor Moncef Slaoui said the FDA would consider giving half doses of Moderna’s covid-19 to people in the age group of 18 to 55.

This could make the vaccine available to twice as many people in this age group, and earlier data had indicated that even half dose would be effective in triggering the immune response.

But the FDA officials said that there was not enough data to support this approach as the clinical trials were done on very few people with reduced dosage.

The clinical trials on some participants who received only a single dose or those who received the vaccines at a longer interval than usual was followed only for a short duration of time.

Considering this situation, there is not enough data to show that a single dose will be effective in offering protection to the public against the coronavirus.

Scientists in Britain are of the opinion that increasing the gap between the two doses will also be effective. However, the situation in the UK is very bad as there is a huge spike in the number of coronavirus cases, and not enough vaccines are there at the moment.

In order to vaccinate more numbers of people within a short duration of time, the health authorities in Britain have taken such decisions. On the other hand, both the CDC and the FDA are not in favor of implementing such methods in the US.

FDA has clearly indicated that the available data supports the use of two specified doses at specified intervals. The interval is three weeks for the Pfizer vaccine and 4 Weeks For the Moderna vaccine.

The FDA has said that there is a huge risk in assuming something that they do not know at this moment, and they would like to avoid such speculations with regards to extending the interval between the two doses of covid-19 vaccines.

The entire mass vaccination program could become ineffective if the experiment fails in the long run. For this reason, the FDA is not willing to take any chances, and they have clearly said that they have enough doses stored to provide the second dose to all the participants who have received the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine.

Several infectious disease experts are of the opinion that cutting vaccine doses in half is a bad idea, and it is not backed by scientific data. Scientists say that it is a huge risk to be trying such things when the pandemic is at its peak.

The scientists said that this would be a very unusual step as such methods were not implemented in the clinical trials.

However, some people argue that even the process of emergency use authorization is also very unusual with regards to vaccines.

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