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FDA Stresses Vaccine-Effectiveness Beyond Any Doubt While It Evaluates The Need Of A Booster Dose

The week-long discussion on the need for a COVID 19 vaccine booster shot appears to move forward. The FDA is about to convene a meeting to deliberate in this regard. But the effectiveness of vaccines is not included in the discussion, experts said. There is no doubt to the fact that vaccines are effective against COVID 19. They are designed to prevent severe illness, hospitalization, and death. And they do their job well, they said. Numerous studies attest to this observation.

FDA Stresses Vaccine-Effectiveness Beyond Any Doubt While It Evaluates The Need Of A Booster Dose

The debate is on the second thing. According to some, vaccines should also reduce the severity of infections. Disagreements in this regard came to the forefront in view of the current surge of the Delta strain of COVID 19.

White House and some experts believe that a booster dose is the need of the hour. Three reports published recently prove them right. According to the studies, vaccine-induced immunity wanes with time. And a booster dose is the smart choice.

FDA Stresses Vaccine-Effectiveness Beyond Any Doubt

The Food and Drug Administration will take up these reports and some other data when deliberating the need for a Coronavirus vaccine booster shot. The agency is considering the application to approve its booster dose. People can receive this third dose after six months of receiving its second dose. But the debate is still going on.

A group of scientists across the globe, including those from the FDA and UN, published their report in the Lancet on Monday. The report states that there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that the general public requires a booster dose at present. There also exists a concern that changing focus to booster dose will affect the current vaccination campaign. Healths officials are striving to ensure that a maximum number of people receive at least the first dose of the vaccine.

In the US, 54% of its population is fully vaccinated. According to experts, this is the best protection anyone can avail.

The experts are yet to reach a consensus with regard to vaccine booster shots. But there is sufficient data for them to study and take the final call.

Local authorities are preparing to administer the booster shots the next week. They are waiting for FDA’s node to do the needful. But a large number of experts are still doubtful. They are asking for more information on the interval, the age gap, and the priority list. No one wants to remain unprepared for the challenge ahead. Officials also want the effort to be well-coordinated.

Unfortunately, COVID 19 infections continue to spike. This has made the public numb to the situation. More than 660000 people succumbed to COVID 19. It infected over 41000000 people. And the numbers are still sky-rocketing. And the country is growing complacent about the unfolding tragedy.

The country crossed a tragic benchmark. One among 500 Americans died due to COVID 19. This is a frightening estimation.

Experts want the people if the number of deaths had happened because of foreign invasion. America would have done whatever possible to end the suffering.

Even in this situation, reluctance to wear masks and get vaccinated is paramount to moral outrage.

Experts are also concerned about the increasing number of COVID 19 infections among children and adolescents. It is more than 109000000. This is 400 times higher than that of the same the previous year.

The number of new infections is sure to continue. Schools are about to open. And they will become super-spreaders. But things would not be that worse in the northwest, experts hope. They attribute a high rate of vaccination and previous infections to it.

Fortunately, the majority of Americans are in favor of COVID 19 safety protocols. President Biden had recently announced certain mandates in this regard. Certain businesses had already imposed such restrictions.

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