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FDA Vaccine Advisers Recommend The Authorization Of Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine

The vaccine advisers of the US Food and Drug
Administration voted on Friday to recommend that the agency grants emergency use authorization to Johnson & Johnson’s COVID 19 vaccine.

The voting was unanimous. It recommended that the vaccine be given EUA for people above 18 years of age. The agency expressed hope that the company will receive EUA at the earliest.

It said that the FDA has informed those involved that it is working towards finalizing the issuance of EUA for J&J’s coronavirus vaccine. It has also notified its federal partners so that there may not be any delay in the process. This will ensure the timely distribution of the vaccine, they said.

FDA Vaccine Advisers Recommend The Authorization Of Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson’s COVID 19 vaccine is a third of the kind in the country. This single-dose vaccine is easier to store than the ones made by its competitors, Pfizer and Moderna. This makes it easier to buy and distribute.

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine arm Janssen manufactured the company’s COVID 19 vaccine. Its advanced clinical trial was completed in 44000 people in the US, Latin America and South Africa.

It showed 66% effectiveness in reducing moderate to severe infections. In the US, it was 72%. It showed 85% efficacy in preventing severe disease. The great thing is that no one died during the clinical trial.

According to US health experts, vaccination is the best way to control COVID 19 pandemic. It affected more than 28000000 Americans. Up to 5000000 among them succumbed to the disease.

America needs to avail as many doses of vaccines as it can to protect the millions of people who are at risk. Health experts also want the vaccine to be something that can be easily produced on a large scale. It should also have a reasonable percentage of efficacy. Johnson & Johnson’s COVID 19 vaccine nearly fulfills all these requirements.

There are also members who are concerned of the decision. But according to others, it is quite an easy job. The vaccine checks all boxes. And it is also great to have a single-shot vaccine.

Whatever is the situation, one thing is clear. America urgently needs an effective vaccine to curb the pandemic. The shortage of vaccines is the toughest challenge the country faces at the moment. And Johnson & Johnson will help the country to a great extent.

The country is in a race between the mutations, new variants of the virus and the attempt at stopping it. Some are of the view that evidences support the efficacy of the J&J vaccine. 

J&J vaccine works slightly different from that of the two others that have EUA in the country. They use a relatively new technology that uses genetic material known as Messenger RNA (mRNA).

Johnson & Johnson uses a common cold virus, adenovirus 26. It is genetically engineered in such a way as to prevent it from replicating.

When it gets into the human body, it just infects certain cells in your arm. This is the genetic code for the small part of a coronavirus.  The infected cells produce pieces of the coronavirus. The immune system gets activated.

The technology is quite old. The military has been using it for long.

It is true that Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is not 95-96% effective as either Pfizer or Moderna. But its clinical trials were conducted at a different time.

By that time, new variants and mutations of the virus had started coming up. Some of them, researchers say, are capable of evading the antibodies our body produces.
Even then, there is no proof that this is the reason for the J&J vaccine’s reduced efficacy.

If the vaccine receives authorization, it will be available by Friday. And it is up to CDC to decide if Americans will receive it or not.

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