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Over 90% Of Federal Employees Got Their Covid Vaccine Within Deadline

It is now official that over 90 percent of the federal employees have successfully got at least one shot of the Coronavirus vaccination within the deadline, which was declared by President Biden for Monday, 27th November 2021.

Over 90% Of Federal Employees Got Their Covid Vaccine Within Deadline

U.S President Joe Biden had made an announcement in September 2021 that over 3.5 million federal employees will be mandatorily required to get the Covid 19 vaccination, without having the alternative to get themselves tested weekly instead. The only exception would be if they had an authorized religious or medical exemption.

Federal Employees Got Their Covid Vaccine

Over 90% of the federal employees have been fully vaccinated and the pending ones are either awaiting approval for their exemption or have already received approval to escape the mandate.

So, all in all, as per the official, over 95% of federal employees are in tune with President Joe Biden’s mandate by either getting vaccinated or seeking approval for an exception to the vaccine mandate.

Of all the federal employees who are not in compliance with the President’s mandates will soon be undergoing “counseling” sessions, which could possibly lead to their termination eventually, in case they refuse to get the Covid 19 vaccine or seek approval for an exemption from the vaccine mandate.

The official who gave out this information did so under the condition of being anonymous while revealing the inside statistics as the official is not yet approved to talk on the record before this information is officially released later in the week.

This deadline set by President Joe Biden is a huge test in his pursuit to convince everyone across the nation to get themselves vaccinated against the deadly Coronavirus as he has repeatedly stressed that vaccination is the only sure way for the country to get out of the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic.

Over and above the federal employees, Biden’s administration has also compelled large private companies to impose the vaccination or weekly testing policy which will cover over 84 million employees across the country, though the January enforcement plans regarding this have been on hold because of the pending lawsuit.

There has been considerable worry regarding federal employees complying with Biden’s mandates, especially in the intelligence and law enforcement sectors where resistance has been quite vocal as well as amongst federal employees in the travel industry as they approach the busy travel season during holidays.

However, the White House claims they do not predict any federal roadblocks about the vaccine mandates. And the stats only reaffirm that as 93% of employees in the Transportation Security Administration are in compliance, 99% of workers are in tune with Biden’s mandates at the Federal Aviation Administration and in the Customs and Border Protection offices, 98% of the employees are in agreement.

The White House official further added that the Office of Management and Budget is likely to release the compliance rates of its employees on Wednesday.

As per the official, almost 25% of the workers in the Internal Revenue Service had begun the vaccination process after the President’s announcement and as of now, 98% of its workers were in tune with the vaccine mandate.

The White House has now decided to implement the vaccine mandate for federal employees for the private sector as well before Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s lawsuit is resolved.

Since the President’s announcement about the vaccine mandates earlier this year, the figure of the unvaccinated population over 12 years has reasonably come down from almost 100 million to less than 60 million.

Besides, the health officials also confirmed that the majority of cases of severe ailments and deaths because of Covid 19 have been occurring amongst the unvaccinated population.

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