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Federal Workers’ Vaccination Be The First Challenge Faced By President

Vaccination deadline for about four million federal employees, from U.S. Food and Drug Administration employees to Bureau of Prisons guards,

Federal Workers’ Vaccination Be The First Challenge Faced By President

President Joe Biden’s administration has been leaving no stone unturned in developing a massive strategy that will require millions of employees in the private sector to get fully vaccinated by the start of next year. However, before that, Biden needs to ensure all the workers in his federal government are vaccinated.

While most of the staff at the White House is fully vaccinated, according to the union leaders and agencies, the rate of vaccination is low at federal agencies related to intelligence and law enforcement as some of the employees have been protesting by claiming that the mandate is unfair.

Federal Workers’ Vaccination to be the First Challenge Faced by President

The approaching deadline for federal workers in the first challenge for Biden’s administration’s vaccine mandates aimed at encouraging people to get the shots. As per the guidelines, another deadline will be in January 2022 for about 84 million employees in the private sector.

A Louisiana federal court put the vaccine mandates for companies with over 100 employees on hold on Saturday. However, Biden’s administration is confident that the mandates will survive legal obstacles because of its safety rules.

In support of the vaccine requirements, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said on Sunday that Joe Biden and his administration would not have applied these mandates if they didn’t deem it necessary and so, the president’s office is prepared to guard them.

The success of the Biden administration’s vaccine mandates would be a massive step in the war against COVID 19, especially since the approval of shots for five to eleven-year-old kids would make sixty-four million more Americans eligible to get the vaccine. However, with just two weeks to go for the deadline for the federal workers, some union leaders claim that compelling the unvaccinated to get the vaccine shot in getting challenging.

COVID 19 vaccines have been backed by positive track records, independent reviews, and clinical trials, which prove their efficiency in preventing serious ailments and death from the virus. Over 222 million Americans have got their first dose of the vaccine, while over 193 million have been fully vaccinated and over half of the world’s population has been vaccinated so far.

As per an AP-NORC poll conducted earlier in the year, one-third of American adults are sceptical, in spite of repeated assurances about the safety of the vaccines.

Federal agencies have been alerting their workers about the approaching deadline and even giving them paid time out to push them to get the vaccine by the 22nd  of  November 2021, failing which they will not be fired, but will be counseled and given five days to get their first shot. However, post that, they would likely be suspended for 14 days and eventually may even get terminated, though this process is likely to take months.

Republicans claim that the vaccine mandates go a bit too far. House Oversight Committee Republicans had sent out a letter late last month claiming that Biden’s unprecedented vaccine mandates were too authoritarian and extreme, to the point of violating people’s freedom and even declared that ultimately they could be deemed illegal. The letter also expressed concern for the spike in government vacancies, if thousands of employees refuse to comply with the vaccine mandates and get fired. One of the firsts to be affected by this is the Bureau of Prisons, which is already understaffed

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