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What if one hesitates to smile. It could be because he or she is a shy person, it could be a lack of confidence, wait!

why would anyone not want to smile? Isn’t it the best way to meet and warm up to someone?

Steel Bite Pro Reviews – Does This Formula Prevent Bacterial Infections In Your Mouth?

A lot of people are self-conscious about their dentures. They might have issues like unpleasant odor, bleeding gums, infections, etc. All the tooth-related problems are not always connected to how clean you keep your dentures. There are other serious health issues that might not be very evident. If these health problems are not addressed properly then they can even get fatal.

For most of us, it’s a nightmare to have to visit the dentist, we stall it thinking about the money it’s going to cost and also how painful it can get. There is another alternative.


Steel Bite Pro is the ultimate natural dental care supplement that helps users to keep their dentures in good health. Clinically proven and works wonders for people with gum-related issues like bleeding gums receding gums, cavities, bad breath, and tooth decay.

Product NameSteel Bite Pro
CategoryDental Health
Main BenefitsPrevents tooth infections and decay
IngredientsBerberine, Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Yarrow, Dandelion root, Chicory root, Grape seeds extract
Administration Route Oral
Alcohol WarningNo Restrictions
Money-back guarantee60 days
Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects reported
Price$69.00 For One Bottle 
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

About Steel Bite Pro Supplement

It is the ultimate natural dental care supplement that helps users to keep their dentures in good health. The ingredients used in this formula are clinically proven and work wonders for people with gum-related issues like bleeding gums receding gums, cavities, bad breath, and tooth decay. It also keeps you from getting further tooth decay. All the 23 ingredients are safe to use and come specially from different locations. You can forget about harmful chemicals and surgeries and be relieved that you will be cured using natural ingredients. It also works best for migraines.

Benefits of Steel Bite Pro Pill

  • It prevents tooth infections and decay.
  • As mentioned in the Steel Bite Pro reviews, it helps in detoxifying microbes and bad bacteria.
  • It takes care of bleeding and receding gums.
  • Plaque, cavities, and bad breath will be removed completely.
  • No need to run to the dentist every now and then, tooth problems will be kept to a minimum.
  • Let you save money since you don’t have to go to the dentist all the time.
  • The 23 ingredients of the Steel Bite Pro pill are sourced from plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals in the right proportions.
  • They come in easy soluble capsules.
  • It is also GMO and gluten-free.
  • It is FDA approved and it does not have any sweeteners, stimulants, additives, or toxins which makes it safe to use.
  • It brings back the confidence that you once lost because of bad oral health.

How does Steel Bite Pro Work?

Tooth decay, gum-related issues, and bad breath are not directly related to oral hygiene all the time. The microbes that live in the gums, nose, and throat are the main reason for bad oral health. Plaque a form of bacteria forms on teeth when we eat starchy and sweet food, this leads to the cavity and other related issues. Steel Bite Pro supplement contains ingredients that treat the problems from within. The saliva is used to kill termite bacteria and also it has anti-bacterial properties. It can also take care of canker sores and fix the affected area in a short period.

Steel Bite Pro Supplement

Steel Bite Pro Ingredients

Steel Bite Pro uses 100% natural ingredients that are sourced from the mountains of the Alps, West China, India, and plantations in South Africa, Ethiopia, and Kenya. These ingredients have proven to be successful and treat you from the inside out. It makes your saliva the power to kill the bad bacteria in your mouth.

 The ingredients are mentioned below.

It helps in breaking the plaque and tartar which lakes the gums lose and makes the termite bacteria exit. It is rich in antibacterial and antioxidant properties which will fight against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

  • Turmeric

It has anti-microbial properties that deal with inflammation compared to the mouthwashes available in the market. It helps in removing bacteria and plaque as well.

  • Milk thistle

Mercury is one of the main components of dental fillings. Milk thistle treats the damages caused to the liver by using metals like mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and lead. It helps in detoxifying the body from these toxins.

  • Artichoke, Chanca, Piedra, and Raspberries

These three ingredients work like cleaning and purifying agents, they clean the bacteria in the mouth. It works wonders for mouth infections because they contain Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, Magnesium, and Phosphorus.

  • Yarrow and beetroot

These ingredients are used to tighten the gums and heal the wounds, they remove tooth decay.

  • Dandelion root, Alfalfa, Jujube, and Zinc

These ingredients are best for strengthening the teeth crown and filling with minerals and vitamins, it also reduces teeth sensitivity as well as improve immunity.

  • Chicory poor, celery seed, burdock root, and yellow dock

These ingredients help in cleansing and detoxifying the stomach.

  • Grape seed extracts

There is a complete rejuvenation of the mouth and forms a safety layer around the teeth and gums. It makes it easy for bacteria to damage oral health.


Pros and Cons of Steel Bite Pro Capsule


  • Steel Bite Pro supplement is a natural plant-based supplement, it is 100% organic.
  • There are no side effects as the ingredients are all-natural and plant-based.
  • The price is affordable compared to a lot of other products, which makes it more attractive.
  • You don’t have to worry about surgeries and implants.
  • Since it is in the form of a capsule it is easy to use.
  • The overall health of your dentures is taken care of which means you don’t have to visit the dentist often.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the product.


  • It is only available online which is not comfortable for everyone.

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Advantages of Steel Bite Pro 2022

  • It is a dietary supplement that works towards killing the bacteria in your mouth, fights cavity, gums inflammations, etc and helps keep the oral health in check.
  • By analyzing Steel Bite Pro reviews, it converts the saliva into something that kills bad bacteria naturally.
  • Steel Bite Pro helps with receding and bleeding gums and get back to having healthy teeth and gums.
  • All the ingredients are plant-based and natural which is GMO-free, chemical-free, GMP certified, FDA approved. It is manufactured in the USA.
  • Since it’s chemical-free it does not have any side effects.
  • No need for implants, tartar removal, or surgeries required.

Is it safe to use Steel Bite Pro?

As per Steel Bite Pro supplement reviews, it uses the best natural ingredients and plant extracts. Steel Bite Pro capsule is purely organic. All the dental issues are dealt with in the most natural way which makes it very safe to use. All your dental-related issues like a cavity, bad breath, gum related issues will be gone. Your dentures will become as healthy as ever.

Everybody is different when it comes to the way they respond to treatments, so the recovery time differs from person to person. The ingredients come from the Alps and fertile plains and plantations, in case you have any allergies it would be better to seek a medical opinion Another alternative to Steel Bite Pro is Dentitox Pro.

What does Steel Bite Pro cost you and where can you buy it?

Steel Bite Pro dietary supplement comes in 3 different plans.

  • Plan-1 of single bottle @$69
  • Plan -2 Three bottles @177 (59 per bottle)
  • Plan-3  Six bottles @ 294 (49 per bottle)

The shipping is free and the best part is there is a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the product.

It is available on the official website below:

Steel Bite Pro Reviews – Conclusion

Everything said and done this Steel Bite Pro is exclusively created to help people maintain the best oral health. It helps in getting rid of tooth decay, plaque, and bad breath. It digs deep to find out the root cause of the teeth-related problems.

It is created following all the guidelines and maintaining the standards. As mentioned in the Steel Bite Pro review, it is quite affordable and is available on the official website.

The ingredients used are all 100% percent natural and plant-based which makes it chemical-free and so it has no side effects, it is very safe to use.

For the best results, we need to use it for 3 months at least. The best part is that you can get a 60 day money-back guarantee in case you do not like the product.

So don’t waste your time, get your supplies now!!

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Depressive Symptoms Are Linked To The Gut Microbiota: A Study Found https://powdersvillepost.com/depressive-symptoms-linked-gut-microbiota/ Fri, 09 Dec 2022 09:53:41 +0000 https://powdersvillepost.com/?p=192367 It is scientifically proven that the gut microbiota is closely linked with various aspects of health including digestion, immunity, metabolism, body weight, and appetite.

Having the ideal balance of good microbes in the gut is also one of the keys to health, wellness, and fitness. However, science has a new interest in the impact of the gut microbiome on a person’s emotional health and stability. 

You can see depression is one of the most common but underestimated mental disorders across the globe, and it is brought by various factors. But apart from contributing to various kinds of diseases, the latest Gut microbiome-wide association study of depression suggests the link between fecal microbiome diversity and composition with depression. 

The study gives evidence that the composition of gut microbiota can be a major factor that leads to depression since they influence brain activity and behavior by negatively impacting the neural and hormonal pathways.

At the same time, the gut microbiome is also shown to be having translational applications in the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression.  

Presence Of Machine Learning For Identifying

The present Rotterdam Study cohort found the relations of fecal microbiome diversity and composition in 1054 subjects, while these findings were validated in the Amsterdam HELIUS cohort in which exactly 1539 subjects have reported the same.

Depressive Symptoms Are Linked To The Gut Microbiota: A Study Found

The study authors also revealed that they have used both supervised and unsupervised machine learning approaches to identify and replicate the association of a list of microbial genera.

According to the scientists involved in the research, they could confirm the association of the genus Eggerthella, Subdoligranulum, Coprococcus, and family Ruminococcaceae, Sellimonas, Lachnoclostridium, Hungatella, Ruminococcaceae (UCG002, UCG003, and UCG005), LachnospiraceaeUCG001, Eubacterium ventricose, and Ruminococcusgauvreauii group.

Along with their impact on bringing depression, these bacteria are involved in the synthesis of glutamate, butyrate, serotonin, and gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), which are key neurotransmitters for depression. Based on several animal studies, fecal microbiota transplantation among stressed or obese animals has shown significant alteration in anxiety.

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Data on the impact of gut microbiota on stress and anxiety levels in human models are limited. But through the two latest studies on humans, the research authors have found that the adequate consumption of probiotics brings positive changes in moped, stress, and anxiety.

However, these all findings were confirmed in very fewer cases since not many experiments haven’t taken place to determine the same.  

The largest study with 121 cases has reported that people with depression have shown insufficiency of Coprococcus and Dialister, the species that are responsible for butyrate production.

Even so, these studies do not promote medication to modify the gut microbiota positively so that people can manage depression with it. 

Whereas scientists indicate the necessity for more carefully done studies to be conducted on the same topic. However, the present study relies on the difference in microbiome diversity in depression scores. Besides, the study implemented Mendelian Randomization (MR) to enlighten causal relationships between the identified microbiota and depression and linear regression models to test the link between depression scores.


🔵 National Library of Medicine (n.d) Systematic Review of Gut Microbiota and Major Depression Available [Online] at: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6378305/

Parents Refused Vaccinated Blood: Ill Baby On New Zealand Court Custody https://powdersvillepost.com/refused-vaccinated-blood-baby-court-custody/ Fri, 09 Dec 2022 09:49:17 +0000 https://powdersvillepost.com/?p=192350 A New Zealand court has taken up the temporary guardianship of a six-month-old infant after his parents had refused to agree to a life-saving heart surgery using the blood from people who are vaccinated against covid-19.

Justice Ian Gault, who delivered the judgment said that the infant would remain under the custody of the court until he has recovered from the surgery. The court also appointed two doctors, for taking care of the infant’s health and concerns regarding the surgery.

The infant was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition that required immediate surgery. But the parents weren’t agreeing to the operation as they didn’t want the doctors to use blood from people who have been given covid vaccinations.

They believed that the blood from vaccinated people contained “spike proteins” that would cause death because of transfusion. They had even contacted the New Zealand Blood Service to take a donation from a person chosen by the infant’s family but they refused to state that the blood service doesn’t differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated donors.

But on the other hand, many health experts had submitted affidavits stating that millions of blood transfusions had been done after the covid vaccines were introduced. There were no instances of any sort of side effects involved with this after transfusion.

Misinformation About Vaccine Led To The Issue

The identity of both the parents and the infant was not divulged as this was part of the court rules. The case and the judgment have received worldwide attention as this is a perfect example of vaccine misinformation among people even after two years into the Covid-19 vaccination drive globally. 

Parents Refused Vaccinated Blood: Ill Baby On New Zealand Court Custody

Dr.Kirsten Finucane, the chief pediatric surgeon at Auckland’s Starship hospital, said that the parents wanted to have a pre-decided blood donor that is chosen by their own family.

Finucane had consulted with other experts who recommended against the infant’s surgery being done without the use of blood or blood-related products. As the party couldn’t reach a consensus regarding the surgery, the New Zealand Health Service made a plea under the Care of Children Act.

They requested the court to appoint a doctor as a temporary guardian of the infant until the surgery and the procedures are over. The attorney representing the parents, Sue Grey said that a lot of thought has gone as to what can be the future course of action but then they decided that there was no time to go for another appeal.

She stated that the family ultimately wanted to spend some good time with their child and also wants to support him through the surgery. 

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Dr.Mike Shepherd, Auckland’s interim director of the New Zealand Health Service assured that everything was decided with the best intention for the infant. He also admitted that the judgment comes in a tough position for everyone involved and they would do their maximum to abide by the court’s ruling.

However, the parents would remain as the official custodians for every other responsibility regarding the child and they would also be updated regarding all the developments in the infant’s treatment. The court also observed that the relationship between the parents and the healthcare experts was affected because of the whole issue and the court asked both parties to resolve any differences as soon as possible.

The anti-vaccine groups took this as an opportunity to further their propaganda and they were seen gathering outside of the courtroom during the trial. 

New Zealand reportedly has a very high vaccination rate with almost 90 percent above the age of twelve having taken two covid vaccination shots and seventy percent of eligible adults completing the booster shot. 

How To Make Phentermine More Potent For Weight Loss? https://powdersvillepost.com/phentermine-potent-weight-loss/ Fri, 09 Dec 2022 09:45:21 +0000 https://powdersvillepost.com/?p=192308 Eating a well-balanced diet and regular workouts can support significant weight loss, but there are also some drugs than can provide rapid weight loss. One such drug is phentermine

Phentermine is one of the leading weight loss drugs in the world, it is widely used by men and women to achieve weight loss rapidly. It has proven to be effective in supporting weight loss in the short term when used alongside a low-calorie diet and workouts.

Phentermine belongs to anorectics, also known as appetite suppressants. This drug works by releasing chemical hormones that suppress the appetite. It helps to limit the intake of calories, in the long run, a low-calorie diet can result in weight loss. In addition, the drug is approved by the FDA for short-term use

Guide To Intensify The Use Of Phentermine

For maximum results from the prescription, we have created a guide on how to optimize and intensify the use of phentermine to support weight loss.

How To Make Phentermine More Potent For Weight Loss?
  • Drinking More Water

Water is essential for our body to function efficiently, when we drink enough water our body keeps working at its peak. Our brain has a difficult time often distinguishing thirst and hunger.

Our brain indicates that our body is hungry while it is thirsty, so we end up eating more, which increases our weight. Do you know? Drinking a glass full of water 10–20 minutes before a meal will make you eat lesser because when you drink water stomach feels the feeling of being full.

When taking phentermine, users should drink enough water for the drug to dissolve properly. Besides, one of the most common side effects is dry mouth, drinking sufficient water will help help to ease dry mouth

  • Avoiding Excess Food

When starting a weight loss diet, you should figure out the exact amount of carbs and calories you need depending on your height, age, weight, and sex.

If you cannot figure it out yourself take assistance from a healthcare advisor for a personalized diet for you. You should always intake the required amount of carbs, calories, and proteins to burn them for energy.

However, you cannot just eat any kind of food. Your diet should be included rich content of protein, fiber, fruits, and healthy fats. These will help the body to enhance its metabolism and build muscles and support rapid weight loss with phentermine.

  • Cardio Exercises And Weight Lifting To Boost Phentermine Effects

Eating a healthy and regulated diet can limit you from gaining weight and support weight loss by burning unwanted weight. Including regular weight lifting and working out to a healthy diet can give you an extra push to shred the weight.

Doing exercises you love helps your muscles to move and tone your body. This will help you to develop lean muscle mass which is responsible for burning calories and improving metabolism. 

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  • Healthy Lifestyle

It is strictly important to follow a healthy lifestyle to keep consistency in weight loss. A healthy lifestyle is not only having a healthy diet and routine exercise. It also includes proper sleep, relaxing, and relieving stress as we all know stress hormones play a crucial role in weight gain.

sleeping can help you reduce cortisol levels and enhances your entire health. Since insomnia is also a possible side effect of phentermine, you should always monitor your sleep schedule and not try to ruin your sleep for something else.

Along with proper sleep, you must take enough vitamins to stay healthy. When the body is in peak condition, packed with good nutrients, and healthiest state then you will witness the best effect from phentermine in your body.

Lawmaker Behind Controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill Accused of Fraud https://powdersvillepost.com/lawmaker-dont-say-gay-bill-accused-fraud/ Fri, 09 Dec 2022 09:43:25 +0000 https://powdersvillepost.com/?p=192297 A Florida state representative has been booked by the police for swindling the corona relief funds from the Small Business Administration (SBA).

State Representative Joseph Harding, 35, had manipulated around $150,000 from the coronavirus relief loan by allegedly creating fake loan applications as per the statement released by the Justice Department.

He had manipulated a list of inactive business companies, created fake bank statements, and forged a list of people who were supposedly employed by him. Harding will face multiple charges on fraud accounts, forging fake documents, money laundering, etc.

These charges can get him up to 35 years of prison time and the trial is set to start on January 11 in Gainesville, Florida. He has been removed from the Florida House of Representatives committee assignments by the Republican speaker.  

Harding, who was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 2020 still holds office as stated on his website. He gained national popularity a few months back when he came out sponsoring a new bill that prohibits teaching sexual orientation or gender identity from kindergarten to third grade.

Relief Fund Fraud Becoming Common

The Parental Rights in Education bill under the support of Harding was then infamously known as the ‘Don’t say Gay bill’. According to this bill, parents could sue schools if they had gone against the terms defined in the law that prohibits the use of age-inappropriate content in kindergarten and up to third-grade classes.

Lawmaker Behind Controversial 'Don't Say Gay Bill Accused of Fraud

The bill got passed and was stated into law by July 1. It faced immediate criticism from the LGBTQ communities and activists from around the globe as the law inherently treats LGBTQ identities as a form of taboo. 

Harding released a formal statement after the news came out. He stated that the loan has been fully repaid by him and he has cooperated with the investigators. This is not the first instance where coronavirus relief fund fraud has been committed in the US.

The Covid-19 Fraud Enforcement Task Force, which works under the Justice Department, has brought many such cases to light. 

A father and son from North Carolina were sentenced to four and seven years respectively after the court found them to be guilty of appropriating covid-19 relief funds worth $1.7 million.

Another woman from Oklahoma pleaded guilty to attempting to defraud the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) for over $43.8 million. She confessed to the court of conspiring to submit around 153 fraudulent applications on behalf of 111 entities between May 2020 and June 2021. 

According to the US Secret Service, around $100 billion had been reported stolen from the Covid-19 relief fund out of which around $2.3 billion has been recovered as of 2021. It is estimated that the US government had spent around $3.5 trillion in terms of Covid-19 relief funds.

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As most of these relief funds were applied online, there were a lot of opportunities for criminals to create fake documents that would aid in making fraudulent claims of Covid-19 relief. Most of these claims were made through the PPP program where fake documents were submitted.

The US Secret Service started a particular position known as the national pandemic fraud recovery coordinator which will be in charge of identifying and recovering covid-19 relief funds that have been stolen with the help and assistance of other local and federal agencies.

There were around nine hundred ongoing investigations in the previous year alone regarding financial frauds related to covid-19 relief funds. The Justice Department has urged US citizens to inform the National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF) if they know of any such rumors or allegations relating to Covid-19 relief funds.  


🔵 National Institutes of Health (n.d) NIH establishes website for self-reporting COVID-19 test results Available [Online] at:

TheyaVue Reviews: A WORTH Eye Health Support Supplement? https://powdersvillepost.com/theyavue-reviews/ https://powdersvillepost.com/theyavue-reviews/#respond Fri, 09 Dec 2022 06:57:00 +0000 https://powdersvillepost.com/?p=91532 No more worries about your eye-vision loss. This TheyaVue review will be discussing all the information you can get about the new health supplement that focuses on eye health.

TheyaVue Eye Supplement

I am Dr. Ricardo Alvarez, a health and nutrition expert. Here in this Theyavue Eye Supplement review, I have detailed every real facet of the supplement along with its scientific facts. Before looking at them in detail, have a look at some of the customer star ratings of the supplement features.

– Dr. Ricardo Alvarez

Ingredients Quality
Money-back Guarantee

Quick Summary

Theyavue is a safe and natural solution for your blurry eyesight. It is made with 24 powerful ingredients to maintain healthy eyes and vision.


TheyaVue Reviews: Is TheyaVue Effective For All Age Groups To Restore Blurry eyesight?

As you get older, your eyesight starts to deteriorate. Most eye problems can be linked to a significant lack. In our fast-paced lives, where it seems every little aspect of life has shifted online, working in front of a laptop has become very common.

The eyes are supposed to be the windows to our soul, but with time, age, and exposure to various factors such as UVA and UVB rays, they get weaker. Your once strong eyesight seems to be struggling with reading fine print or seeing things from a distance. With our eyes glued to screens almost every day, our eyesight only keeps getting worse. 

It may seem like there is no solution to reviving our once-strong eyesight, but with this dietary supplement, you can do so. Theyavue eye health supplement might just be the solution you’re looking for, for your blurry eyesight. Keep reading this Theyavue review to know more about what the supplement is, how it works, etc. 

TheyaVue Review
Supplement NameTheyaVue
Used ForEye Health
Supplement FormDietary Supplement
Active Ingredients
  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Bilberry Extract
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Rutin
  • Unit Count60 Capsules
    ResultWithin 2-3 months
    Dosage2 capsules per day
    Side effectsMinimal
    RiskPurchase from the official website
    Price$59/ bottle
    AvailabilityOnly through the official website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    More about TheyaVue vision support supplement

    TheyaVue is a health supplement that caters specifically to eye health. With age, your eyesight keeps getting weaker. Many adults run the risk of losing their eyesight due to neglect of eye health. A big reason why our eyesight keeps declining is that we do not take care of it and expose it to harsh light and poor nutrition.

    Theyavue’s formulation targets eye health and aim at improving it by providing the right nutrition for it. It has a blend of 24 ingredients, including herbs and plants, that contain nutrients and antioxidants for healthy eyesight and help maintain it in the long run. 

    Theyavue vision support formula is great for people of advanced age or people who are struggling to maintain their eyesight. If you feel like you struggle with reading smaller things or have difficulty seeing things in the dark, it may be a sign of declining vision. Millions of people are at risk of vision loss due to neglect and poor health.

    If you feel like this may be the case for you, you can use Theyavue dietary supplement to protect and maintain your eyesight. The supplement provides the body with sufficient nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, to support your vision from within. While you can take steps to protect your vision from external factors, taking the Theyavue capsule ensures your vision is taken care of from within as well. 

    TheyaVue Overview

    Introduction to TheyaVue ingredients

    TheyaVue Ingredient Lutein

    🔺Lutein: It is a naturally occurring carotenoid that is one of the two major ones present in our eyes. It is an antioxidant that fights damage from free radicals and is known for improving and strengthening eye health. It has been nicknamed the eye vitamin due to its benefits for the eye. It is found in leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, and collards, and in carrots, eggs, salmon, etc.

    🔺Zeaxanthin: This is another major carotenoid found in the eye that has powerful antioxidant properties. It protects the eyes from harmful UV rays emitted around us. It is naturally found in broccoli, corn, pumpkin, pistachios, goji berries, etc. Over time, it protects from macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract, etc. 

    TheyaVue Ingredient Zeaxanthin
    TheyaVue Ingredient Vitamin C

    🔺Vitamin C: Vitamin C is known as a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from free radicals. It fights the effects of free radicals throughout our body, especially our eyes. It reduces the risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration. It is required for making collagen that supports the eyes. It is naturally found in citrus fruits like oranges and vegetables like kale, bell peppers, and broccoli. 

    🔺Vitamin E: Vitamin E is beneficial in improving cell health in our body. It works like an antioxidant and fights damage from free radicals on our eye cells. It prevents oxidative stress from harming the eyes and reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, etc. It is found in avocados, salmon, and green leafy vegetables.

    TheyaVue Ingredient Vitamin E
    TheyaVue Ingredient Calcium

    🔺Calcium: An adequate consumption of calcium improves the absorption of Vitamin D in the body, which benefits bone, nerve, and eye health. It prevents vision loss by protecting against glaucoma, dry eyes, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration. It is naturally present in milk, eggs, cod liver oil, avocado, almonds, etc. 

    🔺Bilberry Extract: This ingredient helps prevent damage to eyesight as it is rich in vitamins C and K. Also known as European blueberries, bilberry helps protect vision in glaucoma patients. Studies show that it is rich in antioxidants that can improve eye functions by more than 30%. It reduces eye fatigue and improves night vision. 

    TheyaVue Ingredient Bilberry Extract
    TheyaVue Ingredient Zinc

    🔺Zinc: It is an essential nutrient for overall health. It is found abundantly in the eyes. Zinc supports vitamin A in creating melanin which protects the eyes from many diseases. It can be beneficial in preventing or delaying vision loss in aging adults. Pumpkins and peanuts are rich sources of Zinc. 

    🔺Rutin: It is a bioflavonoid important for the health of our blood vessels. It strengthens the blood vessel walls and ensures proper blood flow throughout the body. It protects the eye from diabetic retinopathy caused by poor blood flow to the retina of our eyes. It maintains good eyesight and protects the nerves in the eyes. It is naturally present in asparagus, tea leaves, and apples.

    TheyaVue Ingredient Rutin

    Check The Availability Of TheyaVue Supplement On The Official Website

    How effectively does TheyaVue work?

    According to research studies, the main reason for declining eyesight is constant exposure to pollution and free radicals. The environment is not as clean as it used to be. Our lifestyle exposes our bodies to various toxins and free radicals that negatively impact our health. With constant exposure to blue light and UVA and UVB rays, our body has to fight free radicals regularly. Over time, these free radicals weaken our eyesight leading us to suffer from blurry vision, dry eyes, poor sightedness, etc. 

    TheyaVue eye care formula works by tackling the effect of toxins and free radicals in our bodies. It helps the body become more resistant to absorbing these pollutants from the environment. With regular usage, the body starts absorbing lesser free radicals and getting rid of the toxins in our system that are bad for our vision.

    Not only does TheyaVue reduce toxin absorption, but also helps reduce blood sugar levels and control blood pressure. Jointly, they supplement better eye health and protect it from grave diseases like glaucoma. TheyaVue uses scientifically-backed ingredients to ensure it is safe and effective.

    TheyaVue Working

    Keys perks of using TheyaVue supplement

    Better eye health: Theyavue pills provides essential nutrients to the body that are beneficial for eye health. Together these ingredients target various issues that can cause declining eye health such as vision loss, short-sightedness, blurry vision, dry eyes, etc. It protects the retina, macula, and blood vessels around the eyes, thereby improving eye health.

    Protection against eye damage: The ingredients in the Theyavue vision support capsule are potent antioxidants that fight the damage caused by free radicals on our body, especially on our eyes. These antioxidants protect from eye damage and prevent vision loss from glaucoma, cataract, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, etc. 

    Improved eyesight: Theyavue capsule provides the essential vitamins and minerals to the eyes that strengthen our vision. It protects the vision from getting clouded or blurry and improves night vision. It improves and maintains eyesight for a longer period

    TheyaVue Benefits

    Click Here To Order TheyaVue From The Official Website

    TheyaVue side effects – How safe it is?

    Users reported in their Theyavue reviews that they experienced no side effects with regular usage of the supplement. Most users have had great results from using the healthy aging supplement and are happy with the results.

    TheyaVue intake guidelines

    Two TheyaVue capsules should be taken every day to boost eyesight and protect vision. TheyaVue should be taken twice a day, 20 to 30 minutes before meals. Apart from using the TheyaVue eye supplement, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow a nutrient-rich, balanced diet to get the maximum benefits of this supplement and achieve the desired results.

    TheyaVue Dosage

    TheyaVue Results And Longevity

    You can use Theyavue for at least 2 to 3 months. After seeing its benefits yourself, you can continue using the supplement for another year or two to maintain the results. While using Theyavue capsules, you should be active and eat balanced meals to retain the results obtained from using the supplement.

    Is TheyaVue A Legit Supplement?

    Theyavue eye health supplement contains the best quality FDA-approved ingredients. These scientifically-backed ingredients offer numerous benefits to the eyes. Theyavue is produced in GMP-certified labs to ensure it is safe and of uniform quality with every bottle of Theyavue. This proves that it is a legit product. 

    Click Here To Order TheyaVue From The Official Website

    TheyaVue Customer Reviews And Complaints

    Most of the TheyaVue customer reviews were positive. I searched for Theyavue reviews on many platforms and found out what real customers think about the supplement. Users are pleased with its results and have not complained about its efficacy. Regular customers recommended it to their peers after experiencing its benefits themselves.

    Price And Availability Of TheyaVue

    One bottle of Theyavue, containing 60 capsules, is priced at $59. You can buy Theyavue only on the official website. The authentic product is not available in any retail store or e-commerce website. Many replicas of Theyavue vision support formula is available in the market, but they cannot give you the results you are expecting. Always check the authenticity of the supplement you are buying and opt for the genuine Theyavue.

    👉1 Bottle

    30 Days Supply


    Small Shipping Fee

    👉3 Bottles

    90 Day Supply


    Free US Shipping

    👉6 Bottles

    180 Day Supply


    Free US Shipping

    Final Verdict On TheyaVue Reviews

    Having good eyesight allows you to enjoy your life to the fullest. It is inevitable that with age, your eyesight gets weaker. But it does not have to take a turn for the worst if you take good care of it. Providing your body with essential nutrients will help maintain its health and prevent or delay any damage.

    TheyaVue eye care formula contains a unique combination of vitamins and minerals that provide antioxidant benefits to the body to support our vision with age. Anyone above the age of 18 who faces difficulties with their eyesight can use Theyavue to experience its benefits. 

    Theyavue pills protects against damage from free radicals, which is believed to be the main reason why our eyesight declines. These free radicals, if not tackled, will create a long-lasting negative impact on our health. Using a supplement like the Theyavue vision support capsule will actively prevent health damage caused by free radicals and help maintain eyesight for longer.

    Click Here To Order TheyaVue From The Official Website

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ❓Is TheyaVue safe?

    TheyaVue dietary supplement contains all-natural ingredients that are well-researched. They are scientifically-backed ingredients proven to be safe.

    ❓How does it work?

    Theyavue works by preventing eye damage caused by free radicals. It fights free radicals and prevents them from harming our eyesight.

    ❓How much does it cost?

    One bottle of 60 Theyavue capsules costs $59, with a small shipping fee. If you order 3 or 6 bottles, you get free shipping in the US.

    ❓What if I’m not satisfied?

    If you are dissatisfied with the product, you can claim your money back using the 60-day money-back guarantee offered by Theyavue manufacturer.

    ❓Where can I buy it?

    The TheyaVue eye health supplement is available on the official website.


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    https://powdersvillepost.com/theyavue-reviews/feed/ 0 91532
    As FDA Receives Criticism: Speedier Drug Approvals Are Slowed https://powdersvillepost.com/fda-criticism-drug-approvals-slowed/ Thu, 08 Dec 2022 12:01:23 +0000 https://powdersvillepost.com/?p=192187 The food and drug administration of The United States of America is one of the most important institutions for approving the consumption of various drugs and medications.

    Over some time, it has contemplated different types of methodology and strategies with the help of which the time taken for obtaining approval for an essential commodity is reduced.

    The most important reason behind such a procedural amendment was the timely availability of essential items in the public interest to avoid any upcoming risk. 

    But recently, there has been a reduction in the number of drug approvals, and the process has slowed down to a great extent. This has been because of the introduction of additional procedures and scrutinies introduced by Congress.

    The attempt is basically to increase compliance with the existing government norms, so that product safety is maintained. Other measures have been taught that have to be evaluated before approval is granted.

    It has been because of this reason that less than ten approvals have been provided in the recent year as compared to 31 licenses that were given in the last year.

    What Is The Program? 

    The recent scheme introduced by the government attempts to introduce the experimentation of the product. Before a medicine is available in the market for consumption by patients, the same is required to be tested on a sample population as a precondition.

    As FDA Receives Criticism: Speedier Drug Approvals Are Slowed

    It will help to understand if the drug is necessary for curing a given disease for which it has been made. This has elongated the period required for drug approval. The results of the experimentation take time. 

    Why Has The Program Been Introduced? 

    The program was introduced after approval was granted to birth control pills, and later on, the same drug was reported to have a lot of shortcomings that produced adverse effects on health.

    Around ten deaths have been reported so far after the consumption of this medicine. That is why all the food and drug administration leaders have decided to increase the stringency of the steps in the approval process. 

    This will help to remove all the drugs that produce adverse effects instead of curing the issue. This authority has confirmed the decision only after proper research in this regard. This program is known to be in direct conflict with the accelerated approval program. 

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    🔵 US Teenagers’ Brains Aged Quicker Than Normal During Covid-19

    How Is The Accelerated Approval Program Impacted?

    This particular program was launched in 1992 to provide and expedite approval to enhance the availability of vaccines and medications for HIV and cancer. All of these drugs were subjected to speedy procedures for approval.

    But most of the licenses granted as part and parcel of this program still need to achieve the required objective. Around 20 drugs have been removed from this list owing to their failure to provide a sufficient remedy. 

    Many drug makers have also pulled back their medicines even after the approval was granted due to the shortage of raw materials and production facilities.

    This program’s amendment is necessary for the public interest and safety because quality is always more important than quantity. These additional guidelines would apply to all the medicines and drugs that are required by people daily. 


    This is one of the most strategic moves the government has made so far. It helps provide a better impact. This becomes one of the most essential perspectives to be taken into consideration over the period.

    The scheme has also been approved by Congress with the majority being in the favour of the same. 

    The Covid-19 Vaccination Mandate For Troops Is About To Be Revoked By Congress https://powdersvillepost.com/covid-vaccination-mandate-troops-revoked/ Thu, 08 Dec 2022 11:58:31 +0000 https://powdersvillepost.com/?p=192171 It was during the period of the covid-19 that the country of the United States of America decided to make it mandatory for all the recruitments to the US military to ensure that they have been vaccinated. But recently, Congress has decided to do away with this mandate after passing the annual defense bill. 

    According to the content of this bill, military Troops are no longer required to get themselves vaccinated before joining the force.

    However, it has continued to raise concerns concerning the overall safety and retention of the candidates. Congress and the republicans are contemplating the introduction of certain amendments to the bill so that all the issues can be settled. 

    The voting has already been done, but some opposition members are forcing the government to take back the account as soon as possible because it is a matter of national security and National Health. The ruling government believes that the removal of this vaccination requirement is an essential requirement for the defense bill to get passed. 

    What Are The Issues With Keeping The Mandate? 

    There have been a lot of issues regarding the safety of vaccines and the long-term impact of the vaccines on the help of the individual. Some cases have reported a fall in the immunity and retention strength of the individual after getting vaccinated.

    Covid-19 Vaccination Mandate For Troops Is About To Be Revoked By Congress

    Military personnel does not want to indulge in any activity which has the effect of reducing their power and strength over some time. 

    That is one of the most important reasons they desist from vaccinating. Apart from this, the number of recruitments made during the period when the vaccination was mandatory for joining the military was considerably low compared to when there was no such requirement.

    The lack of military men will pose a threat to the national security of the country. That is why prompt action in this regard is necessary. The government is vouching for the removal of this clause as soon as possible so that normalcy can be retained by removing this unnecessary policy. 

    What Does The Opposition Say About This? 

    However, as per the opposition’s reasoning, it might not be safe to scrape down this policy because the threat of covid 19 is still ongoing.

    The mutated versions of the virus continue to haunt the people of the United States of America even after two years have passed since its arrival. If any virus infects the people in the military, then this will cause significant concern for the country as a whole. 

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    🔵 German Hospitals Are Overflowing With RSV Cases, Alarming Doctors

    But it has not been a factor that could convince the government to keep the policy because the strength of the military has been drastically reduced over time. This priority must be satisfied before anything else is decided because it is a matter of national interest.

    All the steps have been taken in this regard so that the policy decision can be enforced. Finding recruitment has never been as complicated and tough as it has been after the introduction of the policy. It can provide enough conviction to remove the procedure as soon as possible. 


    The bill has been scheduled for next week, and the final hearing will be executed by then. It will be necessary to positively impact the total dynamics of the military formation in the country. It is one of the most critical concerns that must be taken into consideration over the period. The government has already planned the proper course of action for the execution of the same. 

    Pregnant Women’s Drug Fatalities Have Risen To A Record Level https://powdersvillepost.com/pregnant-womens-drug-fatalities-risen-record/ Thu, 08 Dec 2022 11:56:27 +0000 https://powdersvillepost.com/?p=192139 The University of Michigan has conducted a recent study. According to this study, the number of deaths reported in pregnant and lactating mothers has increased.

    This increase has almost doubled after the pandemic has subsided. The most important reason has been the increase in drug overdoses over nine months. It is the practical implication of how an excess of everything is terrible. 

    When drugs are consumed in quantities beyond the prescribed level, they negatively impact the human body. This resistance of the body toward antibiotics and medicines increases. It also ultimately develops hormonal imbalance.

    This stage is very precarious for the women to bear. Any overconsumption of drugs and antibiotics stigmatizes the growth of the human body. It not only affects the mother’s health but also results in the retarded mental development of the fetus. It is a severe health issue. 

    What Was The Experiment? 

    As part of the experiment, around 7600 cases were studied who probably died during the stage of pregnancy or just after giving birth between the years of 2017 and 2021.

    Pregnant Women's Drug Fatalities Have Risen To A Record Level

    After analyzing their medical record and the cause of the death, it was reported that around 1549 cases died because of the overdose of essential drugs. Many reasons were reported due to why the drugs were consumed beyond the prescribed limit. The most commonly used drug included cocaine and fentanyl

    This percentage is now calculated to be around 11.85% per 100000 deaths reported in pregnant women. This is almost double the rate of 6.5%, which was prevalent a year ago. The study has also discovered that all the women during their fertile years significantly impact their fertility due to drug consumption.

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    The current ratio of 20% can calculate the impact on fertility compared to 10%, which existed five years ago. Addiction has been cited to be the common factor for premature deaths and miscarriages. This is a severe medical issue that requires instant attention for the time being. 


    The most important solution that the study has devised has been none other than the consumption of medications that reduce dependency on drugs like opioids.

    The report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms the finding. If the problem of an overdose of drugs and addiction is not cured at the earliest possible stage, the health risk will not decrease automatically. 

    Different medications, like Methadone and buprenorphine, help cure this disorder. Pregnant and lactating mothers can safely use it.

    It is safe for the fetus’s development and does not negatively impact the young baby’s neurological development. The experts conclude that this medication provides a ray of hope. 

    It will reduce the chances of death during the entire term pregnancy period. It is helpful to cure the side effects of postpartum depression. It is considered the stage during which the likelihood of depending on drugs is the highest.

    Additional research is being conducted to develop specific alternatives in this regard. It will try to increase the number of options available so that A better solution can be provided. 


    It can be concluded that this is one of the most unique and useful technologies that can be used to reduce the chances of deaths. The doctors and the medical experts have started depending upon these methods to cure the problem. It is a safe treatment and does not have any kind of side effects. 

    The Home Doctor Guide Reviews – Is It An Approved PDF To Solve Your Health Problems! https://powdersvillepost.com/the-home-doctor-guide-reviews/ https://powdersvillepost.com/the-home-doctor-guide-reviews/#respond Thu, 08 Dec 2022 09:44:58 +0000 https://powdersvillepost.com/?p=68021 Hey Folks! If you are looking for reliable and honest The Home Doctor Guide reviews, this one is for you.

    I’m not really the best at handling emergencies, but if I had to choose between being in an emergency situation without any help or having something to guide me through it I would have to say that I’d rather have some help.

    The Home Doctor Guide Reviews – Is This A Proven Practical Remedies You Can Try At Home?

    The Home Doctor Guide provides people with basic medical knowledge to diagnose and treat health problems and situations.

    It’s written by certified medical doctors so you know that the information is accurate, which means less risk of misdiagnosis or doing more harm than good when trying to heal someone who needs care.

    The aim of this The Home Doctor Guide review is to give my readers an insight into this Guide and to know whether The Home Doctor Guide is the ebook that is needed in every household.

    The Home Doctor Guide Reviews

    What is The Home Doctor Guide?

    The Home Doctor Guide is a 304-page doctor-written guide on how to manage most health situations when help is not on the way.

    This book is designed to help people in times of need and has practical methods that you can apply at home.

    It contains methods to help with the most common health issues such as burns, high blood pressure, abdominal pain, seizures, and many more. It also includes useful information on preventive measures to avoid future accidents or illnesses.

    Other than saving lives, this book aims at strengthening your confidence and ability to take care of yourself and those around you during an illness or injury until professional medical help arrives.

    The Home Doctor Guide ebook also helps us eliminate unnecessary expenses like visiting the GP or booking expensive appointments with specialists when simple at-home remedies, care, and attention would suffice.

    The Home Doctor Guide Authors – Dr. Maybell Nieves, Dr.Rodrigo Alterio & Claude Davis

    The authors of The Home Doctor Guide ebook are Dr. Maybell Nieves, Dr.Rodrigo Alterio, and Claude Davis.

    Dr.Maybell Nieves is a breast and general surgeon who is working in Caracas Venezuela. Dr. Rodgrigo Alterio is surgical oncologist who works at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and Claude Davis is a survival and natural remedies expert.

    The authors wrote The Home Doctor Guide based on their extensive medical knowledge as well as from practical experience to help people when medical assistance is late or unavailable.

    The Home Doctor Guide Authors

    What is included in The Home Doctor Guide?

    🟥The Home Doctor Guide home remedy ebook includes a collection of simple and practical methods for your first aid needs. It gives you the information needed to decide between professional assistance or self-treatment.

    🟥It also contains instructions on how to improve personal hygiene, purify water, set broken bones without medical assistance, and treat common illnesses such as diarrhea, manage diabetes, and high blood pressure naturally.

    🟥The highlight of The Home Doctor Guide is the step-by-step instructions and sketches on how to perform simple but life-saving surgery such as setting broken bones, sewing wounds, and treating burns.

    🟥The home doctor book also shows how to make a medical kit for your safety and others at home. It gives tips on what items should be included in this kit that can save lives during emergencies.

    🟥It also includes information on how to make your wound healing herbal treatments, recipes for relieving common cold and flu symptoms, the best methods in treating bee stings, starting a fire without matches or lighters, etc.

    🟥Every disease included in the guide has all its symptoms explained. This helps to avoid misdiagnosis or mistreatment because you will know what condition you are dealing with before treating yourself.

    The Home Doctor Guide

    Click Here To Download The Home Doctor Guide From The Official Website

    Benefits of The Home Doctor Guide – Is Dr. Maybell Nieves’ Home Doctor Good?

    The Home Doctor Guide home remedy pdf has a lot of benefits including:

    🟥Helping to save lives when urgent medical care is not available.

    🟥Helping your family become self-sufficient and make their own decisions on how they want to handle an illness or injury until professional help arrives.

    🟥Teaching you simple methods that can be applied at home on how to prevent future incidences of health issues such as high blood pressure without visiting physicians for regular checkups.  

    🟥Make your family safer by teaching them how to handle medical emergencies at home until professional help arrives.

    🟥Helping you save on medical expenses by learning how to manage common illnesses and injuries at home with natural treatments or simply through self-care.

    🟥By having The Home Doctor Guide pdf, your family will feel more confident in their abilities to face health issues that can arise due to unfortunate circumstances.

    The Home Doctor Guide Benefits

    Pros and Cons of The Home Doctor Guide

    The pros of The Home Doctor Guide pdf outweigh the cons. Even though it is better to know both sides of any product before purchasing it.


    • The book is written by certified medical doctors.
    • The Home Doctor Guide comes in both digital and physical form.
    • Easy-to-follow instructions written in simple language.
    • The book contains illustrative sketches of how to perform medical treatment like setting broken bones.
    • 60 days money-back guarantee
    • Reasonable price.


    • Available only on its official website
    • The physical form of The Home Doctor Guide is in limited stock only.
    The Home Doctor Guide Benefits

    Is The Home Doctor Book legit or not?

    The Home Doctor Guide can be trusted because it comes from medical doctors who wrote the book based on their extensive knowledge and experiences in the medical field.

    It is information they wish they had known when starting their careers as doctors. Before writing it, they made sure that practicing physicians supported its validity and accuracy. Not only that but the content’s quality is also supported by several medical institutions.

    And from many of The Home Doctor Guide reviews, it is clear that the book has an easy-to-follow format which makes it simple for anyone to use.

    Overviewing all these facts, The Home Doctor Guide home remedy pdf looks like a legit guide.

    The Home Doctor Guide Customer reviews and complaints

    The Home Doctor Guide has had no complaints or negative reviews to date. Almost all The Home Doctor Guide customer complaints and reviews are positive.

    The book’s official website where it is available for purchase has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.  

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

    The Home Doctor Guide has been reviewed by other customers and all of them gave it very high ratings. The reasons why they liked the book were because it contained vital information for their safety and that was easily accessible.

    As mentioned in many of The Home Doctor Guide reviews, The Home Doctor Guide ebook provides its customers with 60 days’ money-back guarantees in case they are not satisfied. That shows how confident the company is about its product’s reliability and accuracy.

    The Home Doctor Guide Benefits

    Click Here To Download The Home Doctor Guide From The Official Website

    The Home Doctor Guide Pricing and availability

    The Home Doctor Guide is available both in digital and physical form.

    The price of a digital book is $37 and the price of both physical and digital books is only $37 plus $8.99 for shipping and handling.

    The Home Doctor Guide is guaranteed by a 60-day money-back guarantee policy.

    Both forms are sold on its official website only. So you have to beware of other fraudulent sellers who are trying to sell replicate guides in the name of The Home Doctor Guide.

    Bonuses of The Home Doctor PDF

    The Home Doctor Guide Bonuses

    Final Verdict on The Home Doctor Guide Reviews

    The Home Doctor Guide is a book written by doctors containing information that most, if not all, people wish they knew about medical care in times of emergency.

    It has very practical methods which you can apply at home to prevent or manage common illnesses and injuries.

    It also shows instructions for how to perform simple but life-saving surgeries when urgent medical attention is not available.

    As mentioned in The Home Doctor Guide review, the book contains black & white sketches showing you step-by-step instructions on how to treat different problems both old and new using natural products.

    The Home Doctor Guide pdf is available in both digital and physical formats for your preference. There are no complaints about the book so far and most of the customers were satisfied with it.

    The Home Doctor Guide is an approved guide to treating your health problems.

    So in my opinion, The Home Doctor Guide is a very reliable guide when dealing with basic health issues when help is not around.

    Frequently Asked Questions  The Home Doctor Guide User Reviews

    ❓Is the guide really written by medical doctors?

    Yes, as mentioned before, the book is written and certified by medical doctors. The accuracy of its content was approved by several medical institutions as well as practicing physicians.

    ❓What are the contents of this book; what kind of information does the book include?

    This is a guidebook on health care when help is not around. It has very practical methods which you can apply at home to prevent or manage common illnesses and injuries. Furthermore, it contains instructions for how to perform simple but life-saving surgeries when urgent medical attention is not available.

    ❓I am afraid that I might do something wrong because I have no prior experience. Is this a problem?

    No, you don’t have to worry at all because the book contains black & white sketches showing you step-by-step instructions on how to treat different problems both old and new using natural products.

    ❓I am not comfortable with carrying around a physical book, can I buy it in digital form only?

    Yes, The Home Doctor Guide is available in both physical and digital forms for your preference. You also have the option of purchasing both physical and digital copies together for additional cost-saving.

    ❓Does it come with a money-back guarantee policy?

    It comes with a 60 – day money-back guarantee policy so you don’t have to worry about wasting money if you are not satisfied with the product or order procedure.


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    Click Here To Download The Home Doctor Guide From The Official Website

    https://powdersvillepost.com/the-home-doctor-guide-reviews/feed/ 0 68021