Fetal Infection Is An Unlikely Scenario With Coronavirus

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 27, 2021

Coronavirus is a great danger as it causes various respiratory issues to the patients. For pregnant women who are on medication are often cared more as they are easily exposed to various bacteria’s and viruses. 

Fetal Infection Is An Unlikely Scenario With Coronavirus

In a recent study, it has been found that the coronavirus can infect an unborn child however the chances of this happening is very much unlikely. This gave an assurance to many of the women who are expecting to deliver a baby in the coming months.

Fetal Infection Is An Unlikely Scenario With Coronavirus

To further get concrete evidence a team of researchers studied the movement of the virus on pregnant women who were infected by it. 

For the coronavirus or the SARS-CoV-2 virus to grow or multiply it needs protein receptors. These proteins are found on cells and then the virus gets attached to the cell thereby draining the protein film and destroying the cell as well. Researchers have found that such protein cells are present in the kidney and intestines of the foetus. 

It has been stated that the foetus kidney is protected by default and there is no way for the virus to reach there. The only way the virus can affect the kid is through the intestine of the foetus. Amniotic fluid is one of the life forces of the baby which it consumes through the mother. The virus could attach itself to the amniotic fluid and then enter the baby however the chances of this happening is quite low. One of the main reliefs is that the baby does not need amniotic fluid till the first half of the pregnancy and is only consumed after the 4th month.

Mattia Gerli from the University of London stated that even if the mother is infected with the coronavirus, the virus does not attach itself to the amniotic fluid thus the unborn baby is quite safe. Gerli also stated that the immune system of the unborn child is quite strong and not many nutrients enter the child`s body.

The only issue that the researchers observed which could affect the foetus health is the mother getting seriously ill due to the virus. The mother needs to take care of themselves and not be out much without masks. In a recent press release, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has stated that even pregnant women can also take the vaccine now. However, one must first consult with their doctor or a health care professional before taking the vaccine.

Pregnant women who are in their last trimester are generally asked not to take the vaccine as many people get sick or feel more dizziness as a side effect. This could cause the immune system to be low and the mother would be vulnerable to other diseases as well. Similarly, women who have given birth are not to take the vaccine effectively.

They need to wait for a minimum period of 3 months before taking the vaccine. After childbirth, a women`s body is quite vulnerable and weak. The vaccination for adults are quite strong as compared to kids vaccine and this could have major side effects which the body might not be able to handle at such a weakened state. However, the end result is that now even pregnant women can take the vaccine and there is no risk for the baby even if the mother contracts the virus. The only thing that needs to be taken care of is the mother’s health.

FDA and other researchers are now trying to educate pregnant women`s on how to keep themselves and the unborn child safe during these times.

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