Fight For Biden’s Top Pick That Will Be Shaping Out The Future Of The U.S.

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 25, 2021

The nomination of Neera Tanden as the budget director of the White House is showing that there will be crucial battles on Capitol Hill. This will be shaping up Biden’s presidency future which includes that terrain of these mid term elections and also the fate of the Republican Party.

The two Senate committees which oversee Neera Tanden’s nomination to the post had to postpone votes on Wednesday. It was done so that the party can decide whether to shift her candidacy to full chamber or not.

White House had insisted on the fact that it would not change and try to get her confirmed. But it is understood that her path forward lies amid the controversy.

It is related to her past tweets which slammed the Republicans. This makes it look like her nomination to the post is increasingly impossible.

Fight For Biden’s Top Pick That Will Be Shaping Out The Future Of The U.S.

Aides of President Joe Biden know that the big fight for a key nomination will aid him in setting the roadmap of the newly elected President’s relationship with Congress.

This recent controversy shows how after the four year political journey of Trump. How the former President has made politics to be hypocritical, a high stake glory position and brutal.

The normal services started to resume after the currently elected Biden government. It is seen that everyone having power tries to change the tone which will remain constant for years to come. Some other hearing confirmations are turning early de-facto flights on the big issues of the current Presidents like expanding the access of health to all and change in the climate.

Fight For Biden’s Top Pick That Will Be Shaping Out The Future Of The U.S.

Republicans, on the other hand, are planning to mobilize their agenda against Biden’s newly approved $1.9 trillion Covid-19 rescue package.

They are of the opinion that by going against Biden’s plan they can become an example of liberal massive overreach and may get an edge by winning in this political payoff. 

Yet it can be said that they are likely making a big gamble. If President Biden pulls America out of the Covid-19 pandemic using the bill which is quite popular. This move of the GOP will look irresponsible and mean.

The relief plan from the Covid-19 is was created to beat Donald Trump and it was seen that the Democrats were united due to the election zeal. But after winning the elections this split widened over plans like the minimum wage hike.

This internal tussle among the Democrats brings in many questions like when will Biden step in as the leader and impose the authority of the position?

How will he be controlling the split in opinions in his party and create an image of unity? How will he be able to change the opinion of those who think Democrats are divided?

How fair can he be in willing to change the minds of the moderate Democrats who want to withdraw or change some of the aspects of this package?

And will any Democrat be angry that they might have to compromise by making a decision to choose between the left or the right side of the party?

Will anyone break from the new President during the test of the power in the 50-50? And last but now least, how will they be able to come out of a trap made by the other party is showing that the party is going to split?

Republican Party is much more divided than the Democrats. While Trump loyalists are trying to save their leader and his base of supporters by hiding his four-year Presidency filled with lies. Trump was exposed when he said to his supporters to ‘fight like hell’ and traumatic acts which led to his collapse.

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