Figures In Deaths And Contracts Hits Records; U.S Expand Vaccination Shots

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 8, 2021

The daily number of COVID-19 cases is record-breakingly on the zenith in the U.S. Reports show that on Wednesday, 3,865

The John Hopkins University’s data indicates the death toll of the U.S is panicking rising to more than 364,600. The infections are also at a peak with more than 21.53 million cases.

Deaths And Contracts Hits Records; U.S Expand Vaccination Shots

The estimations of the Centres for Disease Control and Preventions hints that the total deaths will be reported between 405,000 to 438,000, by the end of January.

Figures In Deaths And Contracts Hits Records; U.S Expand Vaccination Shots

Lately, there were 424,000 deaths by the middle of this month, but chances are great to add to the figure as the post-holiday surge is higher than ever before.

The current pace of distributing vaccines also adds fuel to the present panicking atmosphere of the nation. So the country is planning to take measures on elevating the number of daily shots of the vaccine. 

The initial phase of the vaccination process prioritized the frontline health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities.

Now it is time to expand the shots to more of the residents, as the current supply exceeds demand in phase 1, said the surgeon general Jerome Adams in his tweet. 

Adams also said that the prioritization was just a recommendation but wasn’t mandatory. 

Kentucky Health Commissioner Dr. Steven also made similar remarks that following the guidelines on the priority list, should not stand in the way of facilities using all the doses they receive.

The process needs to be flexible to administer the vaccine since above 30% of the eligible people refuse to be vaccinated.

The people who are willing should be prioritized over some of those who come under the category, he added. The total shots given is also far lesser than what the country promised before.

Although the first doses are given to nearly 6 million people, it doesn’t meet with what was expected before as the officials involved in the Operation Warp speed had promised over the distribution of 40 million doses by the end of last year, 

 Dr. Stack said in a briefing that as a nation, the U.S made overpromising comments and became under delivered.

The country over projected the real quantities and the public wouldn’t take it as caused by the shortcoming. He also said that his state also received only a third of what it was expected.

The situation the U.S currently face in the hospitals gets even worse. On Wednesday, the total number of patients was reported as 132,476, which broke all records. Thursday’s figure is 132,370 which only has a slight difference.

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