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First Time In His History : Joe Biden’s vote threshold

In the 2020 election, Joe Biden crossed the vote threshold of 80 million, and he is the first candidate to do the same in history. Joe Biden successfully surpassed over 80 million votes, and it is the number described as the highest votes a candidate achieved in the history of U.S. elections.

First Time In His History : Joe Biden’s vote threshold

The earlier record was by Barack Obama, and Joe Biden exceeded this record by over 10 million votes. Obama won the 2008 election with over 70 million votes.

It is a new record, and no one, including Hillary Clinton in 2016, Donald Trump, or Obama in 2012, reached the same number.

When Trump achieved victory, he broke Obama’s record in 2008 by surpassing 73 million votes in the current election, but Biden was short.

On Tuesday, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report indicated that Joe Biden or Harris ticket gained around 51 percent of the highly popular votes with 80,070,466 ballots. Meantime, Pence or Trump received 47.1 percent,and the number was 73,890,413.

The record-breaking number also explains, and it became an attestation on how many Americans actively participated in the election in comparison to previous elections. It is clear that, there is a growth observed in the total number of voting-eligible Americans apart from voter’s enthusiasm.

Some municipalities are yet to count their ballots. So, there is an expectation that the record-breaking number or win by Joe Biden may grow further. Another example is Overseas and military ballots reported by Maine, which Biden won by over 80 percent. There are some more outstanding ballots in California and New York.

Now, Biden is ready to receive the Daily Brief of President. The transition team started talking to every federal agency.

The Trump administration has also cleared the way for Joe Biden to receive daily intelligence briefings, which are also accepted by President Donald Trump.

ODNI spokesperson said, ‘Following the Presidential Transition Act’s statutory direction, now ODNI is ready to provide all the requested support for the transition team. Today afternoon,ODNI received approval from White House for moving forward in regards to provide PDB as part of transition support.’

The briefing can be understood as a top-secret document that contains national intelligence and security assessments.

On Tuesday, when speaking to reporters, Biden said, ‘I am yet to start intelligence briefings, but I will do it soon.’

Now, Emily Murphy, the head of the General Services Administration, said, ‘I will make path forJoe Biden to start his transition in the White House. The keys to the transition funds and tools are in the hands of GSA.’ But Murphy has made delays in issuing an official determination even after recognizing the victory of Joe Biden. The postponement is meantime, the Trump campaign filed lawsuits, and they have challenged the results.

After a day of the GSA ascertainment, the Joe Biden transition team has started communicating with all the existing federal agencies.

Trump pardons a lucky turkey for Thanksgiving

Now, Trump didn’t come up with jokes regarding fair elections and recounts.

On Tuesday, Trump emerged from the White House, and he took partake in an annual holiday tradition. He pardoned National Thanksgiving Turkey, and meantime, he passed up the same opportunity to utilize the ritual as commentary for the presidential election last month.

First lady Melania was also on Trump’s side whenhe used the Rose Garden ceremony and granted a full pardon to a lucky gobbler. It was named Corn and for celebrating the soaring stock market along with the strength, faith, and loyalty of Americans in the middle of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Trump said, ‘What all we have endured, and we have been able to endure in the pandemic, and with the promising vaccine coming out, everything happened is incredible.’ It was in a rare public appearance after losing the presidential election to Biden in the early days of the month.

Compared to his earlier turkey pardonings, the serious tone of this time marked as a contrast. The earlier turkey pardonings were actually utilized by Trump just to make light of his political situations.

2020 election made a new record since Joe Biden was able to cross the vote threshold of 80 million, which never happened earlier in U.S. history.

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