Fish Oil To Boost Brain Health In Heart Disease Patients

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 11, 2021

A new study shows that two omega-3 acids found in fish oil boost the brain function of the elderly with coronary heart disease. This is a condition scientists link with cognitive impairment. The two acids; DHA and EPA, when consumed as a combined supplement as a prescription slow cognitive impairment among the elderly.

Fish Oil To Boost Brain Health In Heart Disease Patients

In a patient with coronary disease, plaque builds up in the arteries and blocks the flow of blood.CAD, according to health experts, increases the likelihood of cognitive impairment up to 45%.

Scientists observed that the higher the quantity of omega 3 acids in the blood, the greater is the improvement in cognitive function. Upon individual analysis, they discovered that the level of DHA indicated more improvement when compared with that of EPA. This, experts observe, puts one type of omega acid above the others. Studies also show that the potential of EPA increases when in combination with DHA. EPA alone did not show any significant change in this regard.

Fish Oil To Boost Brain Health In Heart Disease Patients

Scientists will present their findings that were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition along with further analysis in a virtual meeting of the American Heart Association on Monday. The study will be viewed as a preliminary observation until it is peer-reviewed and published in a journal.

A team of scientists took a group of patients who had stable CAD. The average age of the 291-member group was 65. And a majority among them as men. No one in the group reported an issue with cognitive function at the start of the experiment.

Half of the participants received 3.36 grams of a combination of DHA and EPA. The other half did not receive the prescription. All of them were asked to do a baseline cognitive test 12 months after the start of the treatment and at the end of 30 months. The test tried to measure the following aspects:

  • Processing speed
  • Visual and motor coordination
  • Language
  • Verbal communication

They also had to undergo blood tests to measure the levels of DHA and EPA in their bloodstream.

Scientists aimed to show that long-term consumption of high amounts of omega 3 acids improved cognitive function in CAD patients. But the findings were quite surprising. Omega 3 acids did a lot more than slow cognitive decline.  They actually improved their brain function.

As part of the new study, experts examined the changes in the levels of EPA and DHA in the bloodstream of those who consumed the supplement. They wanted to see if a high level of either of the two indicated improvement in brain function. They found a link between high levels of DHA and better brain function, but could not notice any significant change with EPA. But it worked wonders when combined with DHA.

Those planning to consume fish oil supplements to improve brain function should go for a prescription. It should combine the omega 3 acids mentioned above. Experts also warn against going for over-the-counter supplements to achieve this result.

According to researchers, getting the level of omega 3 acids used during the study through diet alone is almost impossible. 3.36 grams of omega acid is too much for the body to generate on its own.

You need to consume lots of fatty fish each day. 3.5 ounces of salmon, for instance, provides up to 2.3 grams of omega fatty acid. To have 3.36 grams of this substance, you need to have 1 1/2 serving of fatty fish per day. The generally offered recommended option; two meals a week with fatty combining fatty and lean fish provides only up to 0.25 grams each day.

The American Heart Association recommends that people should have two servings of fish to prevent heart ailments and stroke. Have a prescription supplement, it is safe and beneficial for your brain.

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