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Five Less-Vaccinated Clusters Pose Grave Danger To The Country, The US Worries

A recent data analysis has discovered 30 clusters of people who are yet to receive the vaccination. Most of them are located in the southern parts of the country. The regions, according to health officials, provide a breeding ground for newer strains of coronavirus. Some among them may prove deadlier than the one’s prevalent today, they warn.

Five Less-Vaccinated Clusters Pose Grave Danger to the Country, the US Worries

According to researchers at Georgia University, these clusters are under-vaccinated and densely populated. The five clusters include large portions of the Southeastern parts of the nation. A small portion of the Midwest falls in this category.

Five Less-Vaccinated Clusters Pose Grave Danger to the Country, the US Worries

The five clusters start at the East in Georgia. They extend westward to Texas and northward to Southern Missouri. Certain areas of the country like Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Tennessee also include them. Most of them comprise small counties. But larger cities to are not safe. Almost all these States are seeing an upward trend in the number of coronavirus infections.

According to experts, certain parts of the nation are vulnerable, as was the situation in December 2020. These regions put the entire country and perhaps even the whole world at risk. Such places, they fear, give viruses the chance to mutate into their deadlier versions. Some of them may even learn to evade vaccines. These clusters are the barriers that stand in the way of eliminating COVID 19 for good.

As per a recent study, one-third of the US population is yet to receive the shot. It is not even equally spread in the country. An analysis of the data from CDC and State Health Departments leads researchers to the following conclusions:

  • There are 30 unvaccinated clusters in the country.
  • The rate of vaccination in these places is quite low.
  • All these areas are heavily populated.

These clusters alone contain 15000000 people. 27.9% of the people here have received full doses of vaccines. This is much below the national rate; 47.6%.

Analysis of County data, too, is far from perfect. When someone receives a jab, their home County has to update the State records. However, the system always does not work properly. The Georgetown analysis, up to 90% of the vaccinated records was updated. In certain cases, the data from Georgetown differed from the data available with the CDC. The team was unable to receive data from respective State Health Departments directly.

The clusters include certain large cities. But the population is up 92% of the cities in these counties is below 100000.

The Federal Government is now in discussion with churches and other organizations as part of its campaign for vaccination. Such groups play a vital role in ensuring vaccination in rural areas where healthcare is at the lower end.

Half of the country’s coronavirus infections come from the Delta variant. This is now the visible part of the long chain of the virus. Some of these viruses even cause severe illnesses. This is why clusters add up to the anxiety. These places teach the viruses how to mutate.

Health officials know one thing for sure. If the virus gets a chance to transmit and replicate, it gets the opportunity to be deadlier. The Delta variant knows how to evade the vaccine to a certain extent. Even then, these vaccines protect you from severe infections and hospitalization to a great extent. The concern is that the viruses may learn to evade the vaccines if they are allowed to replicate completely.

Till now, the country’s fight against viruses is a success. But the more vaccination is delayed, the more viruses are going to be dangerous. If it happens, the parts of the country that boasts of a high rate of vaccination may suffer.

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