The Flash Showrunner Teases Season 8’s Finale And The Series’ End!!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 20, 2022

‘The Flash’ showrunner Eric Wallace chose to direct this week’s episode and create his own version of ‘Undercover Manager.’

The Finale Of The Flash Season 8 And The End Of The Series Have Been Teased By The Showrunner!!

Into the Still Force, the hallucinogenic episode he directed for his first time as a director on The Flash on Wednesday, was intended both to be the program’s most strange episode ever and to give him a greater understanding of how the show is handled behind the scenes. Both of these objectives were met by him.

The Flash Showrunner Teases Season 8's Finale The Series' End

For Wallace, “the last time I directed was on Teen Wolf, so it’s been a few seasons since I did that.” Regarding Wallace’s prior work on the series Teen Wolf, this statement was made. Unless you’re also the show’s executive producer, cast members may wonder, “Is he the boss or is he the director visiting this week?”

Being in charge of production and the director of the show may be an exciting experience. Because they have no idea what to make of you, to begin with. For this reason, in order to reassure everyone, I added, “You do realize that I’m only the episodic director this week?” Let’s have a good time. No matter how bizarre, let’s put together an episode of The Flash.” On the first day, I am convinced that I can gain your trust by producing an episode of The Flash with you.”

That first day of shooting, when he saw his staff begin to relax because they realized “some type of megalomaniac” wasn’t on set, makes him laugh. The moment he realized he wasn’t going to act like “some kind of megalomaniac” on the job, his world changed. Some people said things like, “Great; he’s not going to try and beg for all these weird things since he’s the manager; He is making an attempt to play by the guidelines,” which Wallace recalls.

‘He will not attempt and demand all of these crazy things because it is not in his ability to do so,’” he says. “That this was anything that had an amazing significance for me,” the speaker stated. As a result, I opted to direct an episode that I had not written myself.

As a director, I wanted to know exactly how the process works and how I can engage with my department heads in the same way that any other episodic director entering my show would. In the end, the crew said something like, “You need to do more of these,” and everyone had a great time.

As Wallace explains in the next paragraphs, The Flash’s eighth season will set the stage for the show’s final season, and he explains how he hopes to see the series conclude.

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