Who Is Flavor Flav? Net Worth 2022, Age, Spouse, Kids, Income, And More!!

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : May 28, 2022

William Jonathan Drayton Jr, who is commonly known as Flavor Flav, is a 63 years old American rapper born and raised in Roosevelt, New York. Flavor Flav is a founding member of Public Enemy, a rap group. He has received several Grammy Award nominations, being in the group.

Who Is Flavor Flav? Know More Facts!

Drayton is a self-taught artist. He learned piano himself at an early age and started playing it and surprised the family members. Though he has a lot of robbery and burglary cases on him, he has overcome that and has outgrown to be so famous today.

Who Is Flavor Flav Net Worth 2022, Age, Spouse, Kids, Income, And More!!

The co-founder of The Public Enemy, Chuck D has played a significant role in Flavor Flav’s success. Chuck D recognized what a great talented man he was and brought opportunities to Flavor Flav.

Flavor Flav, a musical genius who can play fifteen instruments, rose to prominence in the late 1980s as a rapper, hype man, and co-founder of the famed hip-hop group Public Enemy.

Quick Facts About Flavor Flav:

Here are 2 quick facts about Flavor Flav:

Fact1: Flavor Flav did not have a great childhood considering him being in and out of jail for robbery and burglary.

Fact2:  Flavor Flav (together with his group) was elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013 for having the most sampled voice in hip-hop history.

How Much Does Flavor Flav Earn:

Flavor Flav’s earnings are unknown to the world, but as per records made in 2022, he has a net worth of $2 million.

The Age And Early Life Of Flavor Flav Are Explored:

Flavor Flav is a 63-year-old American rapper born on 16th March 1956 and is one of the greatest names in the music world. He is a self-taught artist and is respected and loved by his fans immensely for his amazing vocals.

Networth$2 million
Born16th March 1956
NationalityUnited States

Though dropping out of college, Drayton has never really given up and survived every down of his life and is a very loving personality.

Flavor Flav’s Net Worth And Career:

As mentioned earlier in this article, Flavor Flav’s net worth as of 2022 is recorded to be $2 million. Flavor Flav first made his mark as a rapper in the late 1980s. At the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2020, Flavor Flav received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Flavor Flav’s entrance into reality television, in addition to his culture-shifting hip-hop career, cemented his place on the globe. The flavor of Love (2006), his reality television series, is still the most-watched and highly rated non-sports television show of all time.

Flavor Flav’s Wife And Children:

Flavor Flav has 8 children with 4 different people he has been in relationships with. There is no evidence of him being married, but he was engaged to Elizabeth Trujillo for 8 years, after which they went separate ways.

Interesting Facts About Flavor Flav:

Flavor Flav is one of the musicians who can play fifteen instruments.


Flavor Flav is one of those musicians who is 63 years old and has proved that age is just numbers. I hope this article has given you all the information about Flavor Flav.


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