Florian Sukaj’s Age, Career, Net Worth, Early Life, Wife, Lifestyle!!

Florian Sukaj's Age, Career, Net Worth, Early Life, Wife, Lifestyle!!

Since its launch on TLC on August 16, 2020, Florian Sukaj has gained notoriety as an American model and reality television personality known as “Darcey and Stacey.”

Top Things To Know About Florian Sukaj’s Net Worth, Career

He is also a fitness influencer and model who has been granted a K-1 visa for his work in the United States. Florian enjoys traveling, photography, and spending time with his family when he has free time.

Florian Sukaj's Age, Career, Net Worth, Early Life, Wife, Lifestyle!!

Florian Sukaj

Since its premiere on TLC on August 16, 2020, “Darcey and Stacey” has made him a well-known American model and reality television celebrity. As of 27, Florian stands at 5 ft 8 in. Off duty, Florian enjoys travel, photography, and spending time with his family.

Quick Facts

1. Stacey Silva’s future spouse and current fiancé, Florian Sukaj, is well-known. In addition, he’s not as famous as her in the media.

2. He has recently been in the spotlight for defrauding his financing Stacey by sleeping with another model, Shanti Zohra. In the past year, he had an affair with this woman.

3. He hasn’t stated his age publicly. In contrast, his fiancée, Stacey, is 45 years old.

4. As of this writing, Florian does not have a wiki page. He was known for his connection with Stacey from 90 Day Fiance in the media.

5. He is a failing model and a fitness influencer for his work.

Florian Sukaj’s Age And Early Life

His parents, whom he adores and respects, raised him in Albania. Florian was born and raised in Albania.

Florian Sukaj’s Net worth and Career

Because of his high profile as a model and television personality, it is clear that he has built up a sizable legal fortune over the years. The average wealth of Florian is $2 million.

Florian Sukaj was previously employed as a model. Because of his extensive IG fan network, US-based publications claimed Florian was only a few hundred followers away from his target.

Florian made a nice living as a model and fitness influencer. Though he may have counted on his romance with Stacey to pay off, the Albanian-born billionaire didn’t have the same luck. 

Florian Sukaj’s Wife & Children

Stacey Silva, the love of Florian’s life, is a gorgeous and supportive companion. Darcey & Stacey and 90 Days Fiance included Stacey as a prominent character.

After a six-month courtship, Stacey flew to Alabama to marry her long-distance beau, and the two were married ten days later. Two children have been born to the couple in the last few years.

However, Stacey has two children from a previous marriage, so they don’t count. Despite their beautiful looks, the couple has yet to become parents.

Interesting facts

  • Stacey Silva, Darcey Silva’s twin sister, and he have been engaged for a long time now. The exact date is unknown. On the 90 Day Fiance, both of them have appeared.
  • The model’s wealth is currently being assessed.
  • He hasn’t shared anything on Instagram.
  • Albania is Florian’s home country.

In October 2019, Stacey’s relationship with Florian hit a new low when she removed evidence of him from her Instagram.

One report claims that she had caught him in bed with a woman who had publicly exposed them in an indiscreet state. 

On the other hand, Florian and Stacey have since made up for their mistakes. In December 2020, the mother of his two children shared a photo of them kissing on Instagram.

Nobody could say for sure if Florian and Stacey were still together in August 2020. Because they kept their Instagram accounts private.

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