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Florida Education Department To Investigate Vaccine Policies

The Education Department of Florida wrote a letter to A private school in Miami known for its controversial policies about vaccine mandates on students, called the Centner Academy.

Centner Academy announced that parents must keep their children home for a month after receiving the covid 19 vaccine, according to a letter they sent to parents.

Florida Education Department To Investigate Vaccine Policies

Many unconfirmed claims were previously made by the school saying that there are effects of non-vaccinated people contacting vaccinated people.

These claims have not been supported or identified by the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the National Institutes of Health, or the World Health Organization.

Florida Education Department To Investigate Vaccine Policies

All these agencies have carried out extensive research and proved that vaccines are the only tool in battling the COVID-19 pandemic and preventing serious hospitalization and deaths.

In the letter that the education department sent, they said that did recently learned about the policy of the school to send vaccinated children home without any reason or necessity for a long period of time before they can return back to schools.

Jacob Oliva, the senior chancellor, reminded the academy that even though they are still being investigated by the education department, they have several obligations under the law.

Olivia encouraged officials of the school to analyze their policies and make sure they are under the law. Not abiding by the state’s rule would threaten the scholarship eligibility of the school.

Olivia wrote that the school has until Friday to prove its policies are in accordance with the law.

The letter said that If their investigation shows that their policies are unlawful, actions will be taken and their scholarship eligibility may be revoked along with their fundings.

The letter that the school sent to the parents wrote that if parents are choosing to vaccinate the children of the Centner Academy, they are requested to wait until summer when potential contraction of the virus will decrease.

The letter added that because of the effect on the school community and other students, parents are asked to keep the children at home after their vaccine doses and return them if they are symptom-free.

David Centner, co-founder of Centner Academy said that their policy is nothing but a precautionary measure. He added that they do not believe that vaccinated people can infect other people and nor is the school of opinion that there can be negative impacts of vaccinated people on others.

Centner said that they are taking measures about things that can seriously impact the school community’s health. They added that there are no scientific and definitive proofs that make these reports false, so they want to do what is best for their community and students.

The academy asked its employees in April to wait until the school year’s end to get vaccinated. They warned them that if they got vaccinated before that they wouldn’t be allowed to continue in the next academic year.

The co-founder and CEO of the academy, Leila Centner, sent a letter to their employees. It cited unproven assertions about the vaccines against coronavirus. They announced that they still do not have reliable information about the long- and short-term impact of the COVID-19 vaccine. Leila Centner is the wife of David Centner.

Their beliefs contradict growing evidence and studies that show that vaccines are safe and effective against coronavirus. Medical professionals and health experts all around the world have faith in vaccines.

According to the school website, the school opened in 2019 and declared itself the first happiness school. They emphasized mindfulness. The school is attended by nearly 300 students and the fee for one academic year is $29,850.

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