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Florida Not To Impose Masks; Covid-19 Causes Havoc In The Nation

American physician-scientist and immunologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, gave a warning to the US that the situation is going to worsen in the upcoming weeks. It is unlikely that the nation will witness yet another lockdown as last year. During his daily morning news show rounds, he said that half of the population is vaccinated which will be enough to avoid lockdowns and strict measures but would not be enough to prevent the infection from spreading. 

Florida Not To Impose Masks; Covid-19 Causes Havoc In The Nation

In July, the US saw 1.3 million new coronavirus infections, which was more than triple from June. Fauci accepted the breakthrough infections among people who took both shots of vaccines. He said that no vaccine is one hundred percent effective. Although, those who are vaccinated are less likely to catch the virus, and if they do, they would probably not get seriously ill, as compared to the unvaccinated people. 

Florida Not To Impose Masks; Covid-19 Causes Havoc In The Nation

Fauci stated that unvaccinated people are more likely to face suffering, illness, hospitalization, and death. All those who remain unvaccinated are allowing the pandemic to take its toll. The CDC has once again reinstated the mask policy for the vaccinated people where the virus spread is substantial. Fauci said that the government wants people to wear masks so that even if they do get infected, they do not transmit the virus to vulnerable people, children, and their own family members

Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health said that the mask guidance for the vaccinated is directed to protect unvaccinated people and people with compromised immune systems. He said that masks provide protection, but they can not substitute for vaccines. Quoting him, “the virus is having a party in the middle of the country.”

As protests erupted after vaccines were mandated, the return of preventive mandates such as masks and social distancing in schools is drawing similar resistance. In a region like Texas, which is witnessing a rise in cases, Gov. Greg Abbott forbade any local government or state agencies from imposing mask or vaccine mandates. Ron DeSantis, Gov of Florida has refused to impose any mask rules, despite experiencing record-breaking new cases every day in his state. 

Both governors are of the opinion that the government should not intervene, protecting against the virus is a personal responsibility. DeSantis said that he is pressured a lot for mandating masks in school for kids and staff members, but doing that would be a huge mistake. The new policy introduced by the Biden administration that mandates federal workers to mask up faced much resistance and backlash.

Florida is breaking all the records when it comes to new positive COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. According to the data given by the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Sunshine State admitted 10,207 coronavirus-positive patients on Sunday. According to the Florida Hospital Association, the last time Florida touched this number was more than a year back in July 2020. Florida has the highest hospitalization by a coronavirus in the entire country. This unfortunately has not been enough to convince DeSantis to not make masking up an option. 

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The experts, medical officials and so many more are urging people to get vaccinated. It will be too late to get vaccinated, when someone loved dies by COVID-19. Such was the story of Freedy and his fiancee Jessica DuPreez, who went on a trip to San Diego with their five children. They were skeptical of taking the vaccine, as they thought it was developed too quickly and was not safe enough. After returning home, Freedy got sick with a lack of appetite, feeling restless, fever and nausea. He was urgently hospitalized and tested COVID-19 positive. At last, at the age of 39, he died, leaving behind his fiancee and five kids. “I should have gotten the damn vaccine,” said DuPreez. She urged people that even if they get a sore shoulder or get a little sick, it is important to get vaccinated, as she would prefer getting sick over losing Freedy.

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