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Florida School Receives US Grant For Mask Vote

President Joe Biden`s administration has sent cash to a Florida school district as the state imposed pay cuts over board`s decision for corona virus mask mandate.

Florida School Receives US Grant For Mask Vote

The Alachua County school received an amount of $1,48,000 from department of Education program. This news was given out on Thursday by the Superintendent Carlee Simon.

Florida School Receives US Grant For Mask Vote

This is the first district to receive such a grant from the President`s administration. State Education officials and the Gov Ron DeSantis has starting cutting salaries of the teachers and board members who stated that students should be compulsory wearing masks during school. The Gov said that he didn’t think it was necessary for the children`s to wear mask and this decision depends on their parents whether they want to send their kids wearing mask or not and this cannot be enforced by the school.

Carlee Simon stated that the pay cuts of four school board members who voted that the kids should wear masks have been amounted for $27,000. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said that with the grants being sent to the school authorities it should be clear that the administration intends the schools to function in a safe way and that the in-person learning experience should continue. It has been observed from a recent study that children and teachers both prefer in-person learning as it is easier for both the parties.

When asked kids which experience, they prefer around 85% said for in-person learning as it helps them clear their concepts and person to person interaction is much easier for them. Many of the teachers said that in-person learning also helps the kids to develop the social skills that are necessary for their day to day life. It is easier for the kids to make friends when they are in school rather than in a virtual classroom.

More than a dozen schools boards in Florida wants the kids to wear masks and come to school as this will keep them and the other kids safe as well. With the current covid 19 cases around the US and an average of 1900 death per day, masks have become one of the major life savers for many people. Children are not eligible for any vaccination currently which puts their life at more risk as compared to any adult. 

Out of all the hospitalization cases in US, 25% of the cases are of children. Earlier it was observed that the virus is only affecting kids with weak immunity and with some chronic conditions, but lately kids with strong immunity are also bought down due to the virus. This is a troublesome issue as many of the kids wont stay alone at the hospital and the parents too need to stay with them putting their life at risk as well.

Doctors and health care experts say that treating an adult is far easier as compared to a kid. Children don’t understand the importance of things that are going around them so it is difficult to treat them. CDC has asked many of the schools to run extra sessions on the importance of masks and the need for social distancing with the kids so that they know what protocols to follow when they step out of the house. In many kids the symptoms are appearing very late making it quite difficult to isolate the source of the virus. 

In other news the FDA has approved the booster shots to be given out for people over the age group of 65 and after a period of 6 months from their 2nd dose of vaccination.

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