Florida Sets Record For Deaths In A Day: Florida Has Seen A Recent Surge In COVID-19 Cases

The death of the life of due to COVID-19 was nearing 150,000 on Tuesday in the US, other several states set weekly fatality records and Florida revealed a one-day record for deaths. Further affirming the Sunshine State’s issues with the coronavirus, the Miami Marlins‘ season was briefly suspended after 15 players and two staff were tested positive.

Florida’s 186 deaths raised the toll there to more than 6,000. Gov. Ron DeSantis, who three weeks back arranged in-study hall realizing when schools revive one month from now, has facilitated his way of talking as of late. He currently needs schools to guarantee guardians have “the decision between face to face and separation learning” for their children.

Florida Sets Record For Deaths In A Day- Florida Has Seen A Recent Surge In COVID-19 Cases

Some Significant Developments:

  • Senate Republicans uncovered a $1 trillion coronavirus stimulus package Monday that includes another round of $1,200 installments and a proposed sharp decrease in the $600 week by week joblessness reward. 
  • The top of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention says he has been injected with an experimental COVID-19 vaccine in an attempt to try to convince the general public to follow suit when one is approved.
  • The U.N. says coronavirus-linked hunger is leading to the deaths of 10,000 children a month because of fears of contamination and movement restrictions.

After 300 recent Florida, high school graduates and their guests have been asked to quarantine after health officials said an attendee at Saturday’s Bayside High School commencement ceremony had COVID-19. Families were told about the case Monday in a letter from the Florida Department of Health in Brevard County. 

The individual tested positive for the virus “shortly after attending,” said Anita Stremmel, the division’s associate province wellbeing chief, in an email to FLORIDA TODAY. “The Florida Department of Health was notified about the positive case by Brevard Public Schools and we confirmed the positive result in our lab reporting system,” Stremmel said. “We are advising anyone who attended the graduation ceremony to self-quarantine and monitor their symptoms for 14 days,” she said.

Brevard Public Schools representative Nicki Hensley said an exact count of how many people have been impacted was not immediately available. Nearly 300 students and at least 30 staff members were at the ceremony, and each student was allowed to bring up to two guests, Hensley said.

On Tuesday Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee announced that reopening schools in-person is the “medically sound, preferred option,” but he said it’s dependent on quickly isolating those who are sick and quarantining their close contacts. 

“Our state is doing everything we can to work with local school districts and ensure that in-person learning is made available in a way that protects the health and safety of our students and educators, and this plan helps us accomplish that goal,” Lee said in a statement.

He also said in a statement that anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 must isolate for 10 days from the onset of their symptoms or isolate 10 days from the date they were tested for the virus. Those who were within 6 feet of anyone who has COVID-19 for 10 minutes or longer must also quarantine for at least 14 days.

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