A Florida Surgeon General’s Warning About Coronavirus Vaccines Has Been Criticized By Experts

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 13, 2022

In a recent incident, a famous surgeon in Florida received major recrimination from medical associations and Research centers. This blowback has been typically received for promoting the intake of Covid-19 vaccines. The vaccines in question are Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. The most important reason why the consumption of vaccines must be controlled is the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

A study from the universities of China showed that 75% of heart-related diseases have increased among people aged 18 to 45 years.

The administration of covid 19 vaccinations has backed this increase. This analysis is important because it is impossible to focus on one problem by completely ignoring the other. This confluence between cardiovascular diseases and coronavirus is causing an important concern in the medical fraternity, and even the World Health Organisation has taken cognizance of the same. 

What Was The Reaction? 

This famous surgeon of Florida posted on social media platforms to promote the consumption of the vaccinations and the subsequent booster doses as soon as possible.

A Florida Surgeon General's Warning About Coronavirus Vaccines Has Been Criticized By Experts

According to Daniel Salmon, a famous researcher at Johns Hopkins University, this post was blocked by Twitter on account of spreading false information, which was not banned by any medical jurisprudence and authority so far. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also refused to support the research and have recommended to the contrary that it is against the consumption of the vaccination.

But this reaction is completely against what some medical associations of surgeons and Institutions like the food and drug administration propound. These bodies emphasize the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines so far. According to them, it is all a matter of politics and nothing else.

The public health department of The United States of America has made the final call. The directors and help officials have completely denied the positive correlation between vaccination administration and better health. 

They have endorsed the report published by the Florida department of health, according to which an 84% increase in cardiac diseases has been reported post the consumption of vaccinations. These vaccinations, in particular, are based on mRNA technology. Also, the risk of cardiac diseases like stroke or Heart Attack develops within 28 days of the consumption of the vaccine.

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Surgeon’s Stand

Ron DeSantis is the famous surgeon of Florida who is in question for the time being. His support for the safety of vaccinations has become a contentious issue. His name was also included in the petition made to the food and drug administration to legalize vaccination consumption.

The code of conduct as a surgeon does not support him using a false analysis and misleading people. He recommended consuming the vaccines not only among adults but also among children. 

This claim received a huge public outcry from health associations and research institutions. Due to the excessive pressure, the food and drug administrations also allowed the consumption of vaccines among children. But soon, the decision was taken back on account of the guidance the World Health Organisation received. 

After receiving a huge slam from different health associations, the surgeon still maintains his stand and is not ready to accept the lacunas of his research work. The matter has become extremely sensational and politicized now. 


It is believed that negotiations between the two acrimonious groups are important to settle this matter for the time being. It will be in the best public interest that the correct facts of medical science are published so that people can be made aware of what is good and what is bad for them.

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