Florida’s Top Health Official Warns Against Covid mRNA Vaccines Citing Heart Risks

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 11, 2022

Covid mRNA vaccination is an essential dosage of the vaccination drive. It acts as a booster dose. However, some of the studies conducted by the University of California have shown that the intake of the final booster dose has affected the health of a lot of people.

It has been brought forward that after the vaccination got injected and 28 days passed, the risk of individuals contracting cardiovascular diseases increased by an average of 84 percent. The percentage of people affected due to the increased risk of cardiovascular diseases has also increased. 

This means that the covid mRNA vaccination has increased the cardiovascular risk, and this risk has primarily increased in the age group of 18-30 years.

Florida’s Top Health Official Warns Against Covid mRNA Vaccines Due To High Heart Risks

The young population has been brought under the ambit of increasing heart risk, which has increased the already existing burden on existing medical care facilities.

Florida's Top Health Official Warns Against Covid mRNA Vaccines Citing Heart Risks

That is why the senior specialists and doctors are advising against the administration of the covid-19 vaccine, especially in the younger generation, because the heart risks are taking a toll on the existing health of the people, which is not at all promoted for the time being. 

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What Is The Basis Of The Increasing Risk? 

The high percentage of 84 percent is an alarming rate at which heart risks are increasing. This means that the benefits the vaccine could have obtained have been outweighed sufficiently by the harmful effects of the vaccine.

This risk of heart disease was not increased with the administration of the non-RNA covid-19 vaccination. This raises the question concerning the safety of RNA-based vaccinations. 

The researchers have begun with the recent analysis of such a type of vaccination to find the inherent risks. They have started taking samples of Moderna and Pfizer vaccinations reproduced in the mRNA versions.

The mRNA technology is being evaluated minutely to find why the specific risk of heart problems is increasing over time. The mRNA technology has though received the required permissions and licenses; however, the efficacy of the after-effects, which were not analyzed earlier, needs to be evaluated. 

The repercussions that follow

The subject of vaccination has always been controversial in the country of the United States of America. It has resulted in causing a lot of political and social divides between the two main political parties. This increased risk of cardiovascular diseases has opened a new debate concerning the efficacy of the technology that has ultimately enhanced the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Hence in such a situation, unfolding the truth is very important so that it becomes feasible for people to at least have a safer option to protect themselves both from heart disease and the covid problems. 

Various research centers and organizations are coming forward in this capacity to research the safety standards of vaccination and the reasons why this change is taking place.

The combined effects of the research will develop a better solution for the safety of the people. This is in the better interest of society.

Vaccinations are now being evaluated across various countries so as to remove the risk of the future and reduce the future possibilities of the disease. 


The way in which the situation is being tackled is exactly the same as it ought to be. The way in which the focus of the individuals can be brought to the exact reason is commendable so that the risks that are linked with the administration of the vaccine are realized by the people, to begin with.


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