Flu-Related Racial Discrepancies Are Revealed- CDC Report

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 21, 2022

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted the latest research to support some different Discoveries. According to the latest data, a disproportionate impact can be experienced on the black and brown community regarding different flu types, such as influenza. There has been A terrible increase in the number of influenza infections in the country of the United States of America in the recent past. There has been a consecutive inflow of mild flu seasons, one after the other. 

That is why there is a great possibility that the country is all set to welcome a third and a severe season of flu in the coming fall. But the negative impact of this infection can be felt across the two communities in a very discriminatory manner. The research Institutions and departments have now found the reasoning behind this difference. Data has pointed out that the differences can be attributed to scientific reasons instead of social reasons. 

Details Of The data

According to the data collected from 2010 to 2020, a total of 80% of black people were hospitalized because of flu infections. This percentage was only around 10% concerning the white people of the United States of America. Even Hispanics and black Americans had close-to-death experiences during the treatment. 

Flu-Related Racial Discrepancies Are Revealed- CDC Report

This proportion was 80% more than the experience felt by the whites. The number of people who have lost their lives due to influenza and other flu-related infections includes more black Americans than white Americans. This pattern depicts a demographic connection with the infection. 

The Reasoning For The Studies

This disparity has now translated to the disparity in the vaccination rate amongst black and white people. Genetics is also an important factor that can be responsible for the determination of the ultimate wayside. According to the statistics of 2020, around 75% of white Americans received vaccination for influenza, while this rate was only 20% for Black Americans. 

To increase awareness about the importance of vaccination, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even initiated awareness campaigns and introduced vaccination drives. Arrangements for administering vaccination were successfully made across public places and mobile clinics so that the gap between the vaccination rate between black and white people could be mitigated. But not much improvement has been measured in this regard.

The second most important reason for the gap was the access to healthcare facilities. The white Americans had Health Insurance while the black Americans did not have one. That is why hospitalization among white Americans was only limited to a few days. 

But on the other hand, white Americans could not afford to, first of all, get admitted to the hospital in the absence of health insurance. Even if they got admitted, their condition had worsened to such an extent that their duration of hospitalization was extended. Compliance with social distancing norms and wearing masks can be discovered more in white Americans than in black Americans. 

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Ultimate Finding

The disparity in the infection rate between the two communities is attributed to the lack of immunity and healthcare facilities for black people. The government has initiated different types of programs to reduce the gap by arranging for the available facilities. 


It can be concluded that it is only with the help of the positive efforts of the government that the availability of sufficient facilities in terms of Healthcare can be granted to both black and Hispanic people. This is only in light of all these efforts that a sufficient amount of improvement can be made in the structure. 


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