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Food Insecurity Causes Mental Strain On US Citizens

Millions of people in the US are also affected by the shortage of foods or are unable to get basic foods but this won’t look like a big deal from the outside however the mental and physical strain on these people is too high. These people are still threatened by poor nutrition and hunger. Erica Kenney a public health nutrition expert says that being unable to get healthy food has an adverse effect on one’s health and many people are stuck with consuming unhygienic food which will put them on track to get chronic diseases.

Food Insecurity Causes Mental Strain On US Citizens

Laurell Sims who is a co-executive director for the Urban Growers Collective an NGO says that even though there is no famine and misery it doesn’t mean that people are not suffering. It’s hard for common people to see the stress and anxiety of a person who is unable to get basic food in today`s time.

Food Insecurity Causes Mental Strain On US Citizens

USDA data shows that in 2020 38.3 million people in the US had issues in getting food to their households. With the ongoing pandemic, many people lost their jobs which made it harder for these people.

Experts say that food insecurity is not the same as hunger however both are closely related to each other. Experts say that when you are hungry you could have hypoglycemia (in this condition a person’s sugar level in blood decreases causing dizziness, fatigue, and irregular heartbeat). Over time when the body doesn’t get proper nutrients and vitamins, this will be observed in your organs and muscles and many chronic conditions start to develop.

A study that has been conducted among 27000 adults last year and published in the Journal of American Heart Association showed that many of the people suffered from high death rates and more cardiovascular issues due to food insecurity. In a 2010 Canadian study of 5800 children between the age group of 10 to 15, it was found that children who had experienced food insecurity had 20% more odds of poor health as compared to children who were hungry.

Sims stated that food insecurity often leads to poor health as you don’t get proper vitamins and nutrients or a well-balanced diet of vegetables and fruits. It also affects a child`s development in the long run. He quoted that bad nutrition or food insecurity can lead to many heart conditions, high blood pressure, or even life-threatening cancer in a person.

Health care expert Kenny stated that many times families do not have enough money to feed their kids good fruits and vegetables and have to do with whatever options are available to keep their kid’s bellies full. Many times these cheap options are very much worse for their health and this is seen in the long run. The stress on parents because of food insecurity is altogether a different hassle and many people fall into depression because of this as well.

These people also have huge financial barriers and these issues caused due to food insecurities are treated very much late in life and by then the disease would have progressed quite a lot making the diagnosis much more difficult and more expensive which many times are not affordable by such people.

Food insecurity issues are more seen in Hispanics, Black, and people of another color in the US. Health care officials state that fixing food insecurities will require a good amount of political blackening and financial aspects as well. This cant is obtained overnight and people will have to be educated on the importance of eating good food at the right time and not prolonging any issues faced due to it.

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