For “Jurassic World Dominion,” Bryce Dallas Howard Claims She Was Asked To Lose Weight

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 26, 2022

Hollywood actresses try to impress the audience while acting in a movie. It is important to mention in the first place that something similar to this has happened with the famous Hollywood actress Bryce Dallas Howard. She is a talented Hollywood actress who has been playing the role of Claire in the famous Jurassic world dominion series. This is practically the fourth time she has acted in this web series. 

She is pulling off the role with maximum grace, but she had to compromise a lot while justifying the role on the silver screen. This is evident from the recent interview in which she appeared and finally revealed that she was not permitted to displace her original body shape and size in the movie because the director completely forbade it after the second series. 

Bryce Dallas Howard Says She Was Asked To Lose Weight Before Shooting ‘Jurassic World Dominion.’

She had to lose a lot of weight because the director instructed her to look different from all the women cast in the movie for the second and third series.

For "Jurassic World Dominion," Bryce Dallas Howard Claims She Was Asked To Lose Weight

The type of role she had to play in the fourth series also demanded her to be in a very slim shape compared to what she was presently in.

It was technically causing a lot of inconvenience. In such a situation, she had practically no other option but to follow the instructions she was given because it was the only way with the help of which she could find herself in the upcoming series of this famous web show. 

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What Did She Do To Lose Weight? 

Getting instructed by the director to lose weight was challenging in one way, but the actual challenge was to lose weight. Dieting was never an option for this Hollywood actress. It was because of the simple reason that she had to indulge in performing a lot of stunts in the third series, and the stunts could not be possible without dieting due to the lack of energy inside the body. 

The performance of these stunts required a terrible amount of energy inside the body, which could be obtained by building muscle strength and muscle mass. Instead of dieting, she finally quit strength training and exercising to lose weight. This method would be helpful for her to lose weight within time, and the results of this method were evident in her body. It was only with the help of the constant amount of dedication that the maximum amount of support was provided to her in this direction. 

She had to undergo a lot of strength training to lose weight within time, and the worst part about the experience was she needed more time to lose weight because everything was so quick enough. All of this is essential because it shows her utmost dedication and how she can take all of these acts responsively. 

The Success Of Bryce Dallas Howard Roles

In the latest interview, Bryce Dallas Howard expressed all the struggles she has to encounter during the weight loss journey and the weakness she had to feel while performing the stunts in the web series, but she is an actor, and she has got no time to rest. She can know this fact perfectly. The maximum results could be generated within time only because of constant efforts.


Jurassic is a Wonderful Web series, and it has been made wonderful with the effort of all the actors and actresses who have given their best. This interview is a living example of this entire process and hence has been able to justify all the kinds of factors easily over the period without any confusion.

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