Ford Rucker Becomes The First Base To Demand Proof Of Vaccination

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 20, 2021

Ford Rucker is an army base in Alabama. It is now the first of the kind to mandate proof of vaccination for the uniformed men who don’t wear masks. The announcement comes as part of the base’s general orders. Thus it becomes the first military base to require such a document for its men.

Ford Rucker Becomes The First Base To Demand Proof Of Vaccination

This way, authorities will know when people shy away from vaccines. The order is required as infections climb up in all the States. Furthermore, Alabama is one of the least vaccinated states. 

Ford Rucker Becomes The First Base To Demand Proof Of Vaccination

Soldiers who don’t wear masks will also have to stay away from the other facilities the army offers like bars, clubs, tattoo parlors, spas, massage parlors, etc. The order will not affect the civilians who don’t wear masks. They may be questioned if the officer finds a reason to do the same.

A news channel reported a similar order for personnel working in the US installations in South Korea. They should also avoid off-base facilities like clubs and bars. At present, the US army does not demand that its personnel get vaccinated. But that may change in the near future.

One news channel reports that the US army has asked its personnel to prepare for the must-have COVID 19 vaccine by September 1st. The only step forward in the implementation of this order is a license from the Food and Drug Administration. The channel also reveals that it is an executive order from the army headquarters.

An executive order orders the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff upon the directive from the Secretary of Defense to implement an order from the President to begin a military operation. Another such channel report the army staff saying that the US navy will require vaccination the day the FDA approves of the decision.

At present, the FDA has given emergency use authorization for three vaccines in the country; Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. The agency has not yet granted the company full authorization.

According to a Pentagon Spokesperson, up to 70% of the army personnel have received at least one dose of the vaccine. This is a great thing. But the country has to do more, Pentagon says.

The current Delta variant, according to health officials, is a reason to get vaccinated at the earliest. It is true that the rate of vaccination among army personnel is high. But the authorities are struggling to vaccinate more people. The FDA has not yet given full authorization to any of the vaccines in use in the country. They fear that the President may require the entire army to get vaccinated even before any of them gets full authorization.  

In the meantime, FDA has granted priority review status to the Pfizer vaccine. Their two-shot vaccine has been in use for some time under EUA in the country. The company says that it may get full approval by January 2022. But it may come much earlier, FDA states. The vaccine is granted the highest priority. And full approval will come much earlier.

Pfizer, along with its German counterpart BioNTech, had applied for full authorization for its vaccine in May. From that day, the company has been consistently submitting information on its ongoing clinical trials. Last week, the company got EUA for its vaccine for people in the 12-15 age brackets. It said that it will apply for full approval for the same after it receives the required data of 180 days.

The full authorization will help a vaccine to be in stock even after the emergency is over. This will never happen as long as the vaccine is under emergency use authorizations.

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