Former Friend Sues $10 Million Over Stunt With David Dobrik

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : June 23, 2022

We all have already heard that Friendship doesn’t last forever. David Dobrik has been prosecuted by a former friend Jeff Wittek – Who has faced such a horrible accident after a stunt and was admitted to the hospital. 

David Dobrik Caused Jeff Wittek’s Injury

As per the sources He is asking for $10 million for the damage After Dobrik, 25, for “general negligence and intentional torture”, this unbelievable allegedly made him take rest from his work and fill hospital bills due to such serious injuries which he has due to the accident. 

Former Friend Sues $10 Million Over Stunt With David Dobrik

In 2020 Wittek suffered many facial fractures, and eye damage, and his skull was broken after swinging from a rope that was tied to a digger at the home of an influencer. 

The filing explained that Dobrik has spun the instrument at an unsafe speed, causing Wittek which caused him so many “innumerable injuries”. 

The video related to this accident was uploaded but deleted soon. Still many of us have seen that video. Jeff Wittek is asking for $10 million for the damages by which he can cover the cost of lost wages and earning capacity, as well as all the hospital bills he has attained. 

The Jeff FM podcaster who is 32 years old, alleged in the lawsuit that Dobrik who is 25 years old had operated an excavator which was placed in the ocean for a stunt in June 2020, and asked his pals to swing from the machine using a rope while it was having some more several objects cumulatively.

That day the worst thing happened to him. He has never thought that anything can be done like this with him. Wittek has explained the so-called incident in the past as well. 

In the month of February, he disclosed on social media that he had recently had his ninth surgery, and he is facing so many problems due to that accident. He also told us that after his ninth surgery there is one more to go. 

David Dobrik Caused Jeff Wittek's Injury

That same month, one of the comedians confirmed that Wittek and Dobrik were not even talking to each other after Wittek got hospitalized for allegedly failing to arrive. 

For this Wittek has also explained that he was waiting for David’s text but after the surgeries as well he has not even texted a single msg. David was using Instagram and after seeing one of his posts Wittek felt very bad because as a friend he was feeling very bad. 

Wittek explained that he has been prоtecting him for such a long time and there’s sо much mоre tо the stоry than just David for nоt texting him fоr a week befоre considering Dоbrik as a “scumbag friend.” 

David has also reverted that Wittek got hurt because I was driving. Dobrik also told us that he had no idea that it could cause an accident and if he could do then he would want to take that day back and want to make everything ok. David also said that he is regretting that day now, and he will for his entire life.

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