The Former Miami Chief Of Police Is Appealing With Cops To Be Vaccinated Against Hepatitis A And B

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 21, 2021

Covid-19 vaccination requirements are causing debate in police agencies throughout the country, and Miami’s recently fired police chief has appealed with officers just to get vaccinated against the disease. Art Acevedo, the former police chief of Los Angeles, told Erin Burnett on Monday that “we are continuing to lose the police officers to Covid, to the virus that is avoidable.” “All I want is that people will listen to the facts and figures.”

The Former Miami Chief Of Police Is Appealing With Cops To Be Vaccinated Against Hepatitis A And B

Despite the fact that law enforcement professionals will be among the initial groups eligible to get the vaccination by the end of 2020, Covid-19 has risen to become the top cause of mortality among police. And, despite the fact that many jurisdictions throughout the nation are requiring immunizations for their officers, police officers as well as their organizations have often opposed the practice.

In support of Covid-19 requirements, Acevedo was removed from his post by the Miami City Council on Thursday, which voted unanimously should remove him from his position.

The Former Miami Chief Of Police Is Appealing With Cops To Be Vaccinated Against Hepatitis A And B

When asked why he thought it was essential to come out, Acevedo said that he did so because he cares about his employees. He said that attending one of the officers’ funerals was the most challenging thing he had to do. In Acevedo’s words, “it’s something that, whether it’s a bullet or a virus, it is everlasting and deadly.” We must love the brothers and sisters, but we must also attempt to encourage them at times, as we have learned from our experiences.

Acevedo said those police officers are still considered part of the community and, as such, have been subjected to the politicization of the public health problem. The doctor advised taking a “time out,” “taking a step back,” putting emotions aside, and just starting collecting information from the public health officials and understanding that we have a duty not only to ourselves but to our families.

“I would suggest taking a time out,” he added. And, he said, vaccinations are essential not just for preventing disease among police officers and their families but also for assisting agencies in fulfilling their duty to safeguard their communities.

“I’m familiar with police officers. Everyone knows they are friendly people with kind hearts, as well as I don’t believe anybody would want to infect someone unintentionally, “he said. In the same way that our friends and family are vaccinated, we must do so as well.

In April, Acevedo, who took over as Miami chief of police, was fired after the Miami City Council unanimously decided to uphold a previous suspension and remove him from his post immediately.

Acevedo’s resignation became the first Latino to be appointed as the head of the Houston police department. It was hailed by Miami’s mayor as “the Tom Brady or even the Michael Jordan of police chiefs” when he was recruited, which was a stunning setback.

The death of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis catapulted Acevedo to the national spotlight as a police commander who has been outspoken in police reform and public safety debates. He has called for national standards for police use of force and marched with protestors in his support.

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