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Former US Gymnastics Charged With Sex Crimes And Trafficking, Commits Suicide

The Police found the dead body of a former US gymnastics coach on Thursday. According to officials, he committed suicide. He was known to have connections with the disgraced Dr. Larry Nassar. The dead body was discovered hours after he was charged with criminal indictments in Michigan.

John Geddert’s dead body was discovered in the rest area off an interstate in Grand Ledge, Michigan. Kelly Rossman-McKinney stated that the body was discovered at 3:24 p.m ET on Thursday and confirmed suicide. Rossman-McKinney is a spokeswoman to Dana Nassel, Michigan attorney general.

Former US Gymnastics Charged With Sex Crimes And Trafficking, Commits Suicide

According to the police statement, the investigation is still going on in the matter. With a criminal investigation underway, no further details about the case can be released. 

Geddert’s attorney remains unavailable for any comments over the incident. 

According to Rossman-McKineey, after facing charges in sex crimes and trafficking case, Gedderts had agreed to surrender at a Sheriff’s office. But the former gymnastics coach never showed up at the office. 

Former US Gymnastics Charged With Sex Crimes And Trafficking, Commits Suicide

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessy said that the tragic story of the people involved in the case has come to a tragic end. 

The state criminal complaint filed against Geddert at the Eaton County read that he was charged with 20 counts of human trafficking and forced labor that led to injuries, 2 counts of criminal sexual conduct 1 count of racketeering and 1 more count of lying to the Police. Geddert had led the United States women gymnastics team in the Summer Olympics games of 2012 hosted by London. 

According to the complaint, the 63 years old, former gymnastics coach was accused of sexual penetration of a girl under 16 in January 2012. This was one of the two sexual conduct counts on Geddert.

Before the Police discovered the dead body of Geddert, Nessel said in a press statement that John Geddert had used all wrong means of force, fraud and coercion against the female athletes who came to him to receive gymnastics training. He used all these in lieu of financial benefits.

According to Nessel, the victims had suffered a lot by him. Many are still carrying the scars on their soul from the behavior of their coach, John Geddert. The victims had to go through many things that include disordered eating, including bulimia and anorexia, excessive physical conditioning, suicide attempts and self-harm, repeated pressure of performance even when injured, extreme physical as well as emotional abuse and even sexual assault.

One count of lying to Police against Geddert involve the allegations that he knew about Nassar’s crimes.

Many gymnastics publicly accused Nassar of sexual abuse against them at Geddert’s Twistars located at Dimondale, Michigan. Nassar was pleaded guilty in Michigan court in 2018 to abuse 10 minor girls sexually. He was sentenced to serve 175 years in prison. Nassar is going to remain behind bars for the rest of his life.

As per the statement given by Assistant attorney general Danielle Hagaman-Clark, Geddert knew about the sexual abuse by Nassar and didn’t take any action to stop this. He even denied to Police in 2016 investigations into the Nassar’s case. 

Rachael Denhollander was the first woman who had publically accused Naasar of sexual abuse. She Tweeted after Gedderts death, and while addressing the victims, she expressed support to them. She asked the women who shared their abuse stories to be safe and said that they should remember that they are always loved.

She thanked the survivors of this abuse and said that their steps and whatever they have done are of great importance. She added that the survivors who came out, to tell the truth, are heard and believed and that everyone stands by them.

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