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Fortnite X Marvel Zero War Brings Out A New Spider-Man Costume!!!

Fortnite X Marvel Zero War Brings Out A New Spider-Man Costume

Spider-Man has undergone more transformations of his costume and other outfits throughout his career than any other Marvel hero, coming in second only to Iron Man in terms of having a wardrobe that could occupy many stories in Avengers Tower. However, his popularity in Marvel’s forthcoming Zero War crossover with Fortnite provides him yet another opportunity, and it’s not a terrible one.

New Spider-Man Game Costume Was Revealed By Fortnite X Marvel Zero War!!

In anticipation of the publication of the first issue of the five-book Fortnite x Marvel miniseries, which will take place tomorrow, writer Christos Gage, Epic Games former executive officer Donald Mustard, and illustrator Sergio Davila have shared the following.

Fortnite X Marvel Zero War Brings Out A New Spider-Man Costume

Marvel has declared that Peter Parker will don a new “Zero” suit in the series Zero War. Readers will also acquire the case with the first print run of issue one to redeem it in Fortnite (the claim itself will be available later in the game’s store because it’s Fortnite). The case will be available for purchase in the game’s store later.

Spider-Game Man’s Costume Revealed Via Fortnite X Marvel Zero War:

An earlier tie-in for an Avengers season of aesthetic unlocks in the metaverse shooter flung amnesiac Avengers into the pathways of original Fortnite players and turned our brains become mush for the “Nexus War” event. Since then, there have been plenty of MCU or comic tie-ins to introduce many Marvel characters to the gameplay as cosmetic skins.

  • Zero War isn’t the first time Marvel and Fortnite have joined together outside. Still, Zero hopes to replicate Gage’s success with the game when he worked at DC Comics and created the surprisingly brilliant Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point crossover event. 
  • Which does imply a stylish new costume for Peter Parker at the very least, which you can have a look at below in Ron Lim, and Israel Silva’s tribute to Mike Zeck and John Beatty’s Secret Wars  cover reveal of Peter’s symbiote suit:
  • Model in a series of Spider-Armors, at least according to its name, although its comic book ancestry in Peter’s history of armors is very obvious. Instead of being an all-armored suit, it has the vibes of a tactical case, and the padded armor pieces seem pretty reminiscent of a variety of older Spider-Armors, particularly the anti-Sinister Six Mk. III, which was first seen in 1999.

 It’s a cool new look for Peter that fits both his costuming legacy and the world he will find himself in when he enters the ever-resetting battle royale in Fortnite. Not too bulky for the agile hero, the same as Spider-Man, but enough appropriate padding again for the world of Fortnite where the poor guy’s going to be shot at, draft choice, or occasionally lightsaber red; it’s a cool new look for Peter that fits both.


In a recent interview with IGN, Gage said that a few elements would appear in both the video game and the comic book, most of them appearing in the final issue. However, the events game and those in the comic are, for the most part, distinct battlegrounds in the same conflict. Some of the questions that players could have the fun with are addressed in the comic, and vice versa; nevertheless, the plot in either medium is not essential to understand what is going on in the other medium.

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